Dillonvale water plant inspected

DILLONVALE’S water plant recently was inspected by Debra Prim of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Village Administrator Charlie Hutkay told village council that she was pleased with the tanks, records and water system.

Hutkay said wages for operators in Jefferson and Columbiana counties also were discussed with Prim. He proposed pay raises for the village’s two water department employees, beginning Jan. 1.

Council decided an ordinance about the proposed pay hikes will be considered at the Nov. 13 meeting.

Hutkay also suggested that the tank in the roundhouse area be sold. Mayor Bill Morse said it was looked at several years ago, and possibly if some clean-up work was done, it could be sold for junk.

Another ordinance proposed for the consideration at this month’s meeting is one to disband the auxiliary police unit. Morse indicated the village does not benefit from it.

It was noted the police cruiser has been repaired.

Also to be drawn up for this month’s meeting is an ordinance designating Mark Brown as a full-time employee in the street and sanitation department.The ordinance will include some stipulations regarding benefits.

A proposed backhoe equipment usage agreement between the village and the Dillonvale-Mount Pleasant Sewer District was forwarded to the solicitor and if approved, it will be sent to the district board.

An evaluation and settlement were conducted by the company handing firemen’s fund insurance concerning an Aug. 8 accident. A payment of $2,257.54 was issued to the other party.

Council was informed $288.10 was left from permissive tax funds from the county, and purchases of several needed items were discussed.

As suggested by the recreation director, an addendum to the lease agreement regarding use of the gym was approved by council.The addendum involves a time for set-up and a time to clean up when functions are held in the gym.

If the times are not adhered to, the lessee will lose the deposit.

Christmas decorations were discussed, and council approved a motion to buy two wreaths and two big banners with brackets.

Councilwoman Shelley Dulesky said something has to be done about the mausoleum at Highland Cemetery as one wall has fallen in.

One streetlight is out, according to Councilwoman Cindy Iadanza.

The mayor said if anyone has a small turbo kerosene heater that they would like to donate to the senior citizens’ center, it would help in heating costs.

Councilman Mark Heskett submitted a list to the police department in regard to needed beautification. The clerk-treasurer was asked to check with the solicitor about the legalities of electric fences and farm animals inside the corporation limits.

According to the mayor’s court report, the village received $1,015; the computer fund, $120; and the state, $240, and a $10 refund also was listed. The total is $1,385.

Year-end holiday gifts for employees were discussed. The monetary gifts must be reported as wages, and employment taxes owing must be paid. Council decided to adjust each gift to equal $25 after taxes.

Council’s Nov. 13 meeting will begin at 8 p.m.