Waterline work draws focus

THE RUSH Run waterline project and the Buckeye Local School District drew attention during a recent meeting of the Warren Township trustees.

Trustee Carl Sgalla reported he had received a call from Joe Ellis, Wells Township trustee who wants the Warren Township trustees to attend a meeting. They will be advised about the date and time.

He said the subject to be discussed pertains to the contractors boring under the road for the residents’ service lines in the water project.

Speaking on behalf of the Buckeye Local School District were Superintendent Mark Miller and board member Dan Signorini.

They explained the $44 million Ohio School Facilities Commission proposal, which would result in new facilities in the district. The proposal involves a 50-50 partnership in the program and would require $22 million from the district for the project.

Miller the district has 140 acres on which to build at the present high school.

Noting the district would have the opportunity to build a new elementary school centrally located at the high school, Signorini said there is a need to shrink the cost and pool seven buildings into two.

When asked why the issue would be on the ballot in August rather than November of next year, Miller said if the district would wait until November, the split would increase to 52 percent for the district and 48 percent for the state with the cost of the project also increasing.

In other matters, trustees were asked to attend a Buckeye Local safety meeting Thursday at 5 p.m. at the high school. Inclement weather, school delays and cancellations will be discussed, and school officials want input from the trustees.

Trustee Danny Meeker asked if they wanted to order cinders since salt is not available. The trustees decided to order 100 tons of slag from Belmont Aggregate in Powhatan Point with the cost being $12.80 a ton.

Meeker added it is hoped that the trustees can become involved in the Ohio Department of Transportation’s “Smart Salt Strategy” program next year.

Sgalla congratulated Bob Fetty, township clerk, in regard to the recently completed audit.

Road Foreman Steve Kurucz said a 35-foot, 15-inch culvert had been installed on Dallas Road. He also reported grading and patching work had been done on Gerke Road and tree stumps were dug up in Upland Cemetery.

He said someone had dumped a truckload of leaves on Jones Road, and the road crew had cleaned them up.

After Kurucz reported on a manifold problem on the township truck, he was given permission to order a new one.

Meeker said the radiator on the grader is beyond repair so trustees will check about a used one.

Trustee Frank Litva expressed appreciation to Albert Tuckosh for cleaning up stumps at Connorville.

The trustees’ next regular meeting will be Dec. 10 at 7 p.m. in the township building, Tiltonsville.