Harrison Commissioner Pincola takes oath

CADIZ — As she begins her first week as a county leader, Barbara Pincola approaches the position as county commissioners with gusto.

“I really do intend to get the county operating as a ‘team’,” she said. “I ran my campaign that way and promised the voters of Harrison County I would work towards that goal. We need to work together for the betterment of the county. I know everyone wants a piece of the pie but each department’s budget has a bearing on another budget.”

The Cadiz resident, who most recently served as the director for the county’s tourism bureau, hit the floor running. In fact, prior to taking office she had spent numerous hours preparing for the position.

“I’ve been talking to people on all levels of government to get new ideas and develop a plan for our county,” she said. “I’ve talked to leaders of other counties and on the state level. There are many ideas out there. We need to use the ones that will work for Harrison County.”

Pincola said she one plan is to make information concerning county leadership more available to the public.

“I hope to do things that will assist the public and keep them informed,” she said. “I’m working on a Web site for the county and think we can possibly have our weekly minutes available there and also announce meetings, etc.”

In addition, she plans to be available to the public as a fulltime commissioner.

“I have been working on an office in the space formerly occupied by the Veteran’s Commission,” she said. “It will be an office space and also will serve as an area for conference meetings and for executive sessions by the board.”

The new leader knows the road ahead will be full of surprises and hurdles.

“People have become territorial with their departments,” she said. “It has evolved over several years and it will take time to work out problems. It is important to get everyone working as a team. I know I can’t wave a magic wand but I am going to do my part.”

As a fulltime commissioner, Pincola said she will be working on economic development.

“Harrison County cannot afford to fund an economic development position. I plan to step up and fill that need,” she said. “It’s time for everyone to knuckle down and step up to the plate. For too long there has only been talk and no action.

“There has been no real plan,” she continued. “We have our weaknesses and strengths. We need to consider our infrastructure, etc. Not only is economic development costly, it is also time consuming. It is something this county must work on.”

Pincola said she hope that everyone will eventually look at the whole picture and strive to achieve the goals that benefit the entire county.

“It’s the ‘silo thinking’ attitude,” she said. “People worry about only one thingwhat’s in their silo. They don’t realize that the things in the silo next to theirs are important too. This isn’t just unique in our county but across the nation. We must look at the whole in order to function and achieve goals.”

The county’s newest commissioner took the oath of office last Wednesday and will be attending her first official board meeting this Wednesday at 10 a.m. along with Bill Host who was re-elected to his seat and Mike Vinka.