Ferry to make up 3 snow days

MARTINS FERRY – The spring semester is only in the early stages, but the Martins Ferry Board of Education wants to know when is the district going to fit in its three makeup days because of inclement weather.

“Last year we had three days to make up and did one over Easter and the rest at the end of the year. We started early this year,” Superintendent Nick Stankovich said. “We are going to wait on the weather and see how the next month goes. Then we will make some decisions. If we need to modify to make up days before the end of the school year is over we will do so where we can.”

With high school commencement marked in calendar on May 22, Stankovich believes getting enough days for the seniors will not be an issue.

“Mr. (Jeff) Oberdick and I have spent some time on what to do with the seniors if need be. We already have some days built in to accommodate the kids. We would really have to get bombarded right now (to change commencement),” he explained.

Stankovich said in public session he plans on bringing in plan during the board’s next meeting, March 9, on exactly where he will implement the makeup days.

As Stankovich and company tackled the makeup days, Board President Scott Ballint presented the district’s potential academic calendar for the 2009-2010 year.

Met with little discussion, board member unanimously approved the calendar which begins students on Aug. 25 and runs through May 28, 2010.

As the board approved its new calendar, members were aware of Gov. Ted Strickland’s recent State of the State speech which favored heavily towards education and Stankovich believes it’s not a bad idea.

“I am all for everything (Gov. Strickland) had to say. All day kindergarten, the ACT Plus and everything else,” Stankovich said without hesitation. “The only thing with the 20 extra days you are going to get hit with collective bargaining because its not only an extension for the school day for kids, but an extension for teachers, non-certified and anything else. The district would have to negotiate the cost of that (to happen). If we can fund it we’ll take the money (from the state) and do it.”

In other board business:

Enrollment is slightly down according to memo posted by the board. Since October 2008, Martins Ferry is down eight students. This figure also includes the district’s pre-school students as well as students who attend JVS and OUE.

Jeff Drohmirecky’s resignation as a special education teacher was accepted and will become effective on May 29.

Jenna Cook and Danielle Garner were approved as substitute teachers for the district.

The board renewed its membership with Ohio School Board Association.

The district will donate $2,000 to the Martins Ferry Chamber of Commerce for the annual academic banquet later this spring.

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