Day of Prayer celebrated at NCA

Students from New Covenant Academy celebrated National Day of Prayer on May 7th 2009. The 7th and 8th grade students planned many fun activities for all the other students to teach them Biblical principles.

This year’s theme was “Prayer, America’s Hope.” The day was opened by gathering around the flagpole for prayer, followed by a breakfast for the students as well as NCA teachers. Ministerial staff at East Richland Friends Church were also cordially invited. All NCA students then gathered in the sanctuary for a time of prayer, pledges, and a National Day of Prayer music video, “Let Freedom Ring,” to start the day.

Throughout the day each grade took their turn in visiting prayer stations organized and operated by the 7th and 8th grade class members. Stations included “The Lord’s Prayer” skit, featuring a dialogue between God and an individual praying. At the “Power Point Bible Lesson” station, students learned about how Hannah prayed for a son, and then dedicated him to the Lord. The “Candy Maz” station helped students learn the importance of choosing the right path in life. Finally, the “Games” & “Poster Signing” stations completed the prayer walk for the classes. Individual classes concluded their experience by proceeding to the church sanctuary where they knelt at the alter to pray for our nation, our leaders and individual prayer requests.

At the end of the day the entire student body gathered again in the sanctuary to watch another music video, “Honor God,” and to review what had been learned while on the Prayer Walk through the various stations.