The Buckeye Connection

Conscientious consumers are looking for food grown locally and in a way that protects and conserves our natural resources. Ohio farmers are meeting this growing demand for wholesome food by adopting sustainable farming practices and developing creative marketing solutions.

These practices and marketing solutions can be seen at the various 2009 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tours. Over twenty field days will be held throughout the state and the various topics will include: Organic Field Crops; Dairy Grazing; Sustainable Forestry Practices; Fruit; Poultry; Hogs; Organic Vineyard; Sheep; Seasonal Grazing Dairy Auction; Organic Grain Producers; Beekeeping Workshop; Sheep Grazing; Organic Vegetables; Berries; U-pick Market Gardening; Agronomic Crops; Agri-tourism; Organic Landscape Plants; Organic Vegetables and Cannery; CSA Diversified Farm; an Organic Dairying.

The topic of Sustainable Agriculture has created a lot of interest in the farming sector. Sustainable agriculture encompasses broad goals, and farmers and ranchers develop specific strategies for achieving them. The primary goals are to:

  • Provide a more profitable farm income
  • Promote environmental stewardship, including:

– Protecting and improving soil quality

– Reducing dependence on non-renewable resources, and

– minimizing adverse impacts on safety, wildlife, water quality and other environmental resources

  • Promote stable, prosperous farm families and communities

To be a successful sustainable agricultural producer one must satisfy the ecological, economical and social demands that exists in today’s world.

For specific information on these tours go the sustainable agriculture website at and click on 2009 Sustainable Farm Tour Series.

These tours are sponsored by

-Innovative Farmers of Ohio (IFO)

-Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA)

-Ohio Forage and Grasslands Council (OFGC)

-The Ohio State University Sustainable Agriculture Team

-USDA SARE Program