The Buckeye Connection

If you haven’t already, be sure to mark your calendars to attend the 2009 Barnesville Pumpkin Festival.The event which is always held during the last full weekend in September begins on Sept. 23 and runs through the 27th.

The highlight of the festival is always the big pumpkin weigh-in which begins at 6 p.m. on Sept. 23Last year the King Pumpkin weighed 1,175 pounds.Weather conditions for growing pumpkins this year have been ideal so we may see some real heavyweights at the weigh-in.

Be sure to check your Farm Markets for the ideal Jack O’Lantern. The local markets already have them for sale.

Also, mark Oct. 11 on your calendars.

This is the date for the Belmont County Fall Rubberneck Tour.The tour will be held in the Bethesda area. Stops will include, Maple Spring Farm, Jones Creek Candle Company, Epworth Park, Bethesda Fire Department, Sandra and Larry Cain Dairy Farm and the Marietta and Bob Martin Farm.This should be a great fall tour so be sure to make plans to attend.Brochures can be picked up at the Tourism Office, the Soil and Water Conservation Office and The Ohio State University Extension Office in St. Clairsville.

Hope to see many of you at the Farm Science Review this week.We will have pre-sale tickets at the office through Sept. 21.The Farm Science Review begins this Tuesday and run through Thursday, Sept. 22-24.