Harrison County hosts second TEA Party

Harrison County hosted its second TEA Party this year on Oct. 10 with 250 determined patriots from Harrison, Carroll, Jefferson, Belmont, Tuscarawas, Coshocton and Guernsey counties attending.

Glen Meakem, weekend radio host on FM 104.7, got attendees fired up by touching on the topics of the day eliciting cheers from onlookers. He commended the crowd and TEA Parties offering that there is hope because of events such as this across the country.

Dr. John Holman, a local physician in the practice of obstetrics and gynecology, spoke about the health care system in Britain.

If the government option is passed we too will have a system similar to Britain’s. Health care as we know it would change. In Britain, every patient coming into the ER must be seen within four hours. They get around that mandate by having patients wait in ambulances in the parking lot outside the waiting room.

Holman discussed the panels that would evaluate whether the cost of the treatment and age of the patient would make the procedure cost effective. He dispelled the myth that physicians are in favor of the government option. Holman also explained that the AMA only represents about 18 percent of doctors and next year he would not be a member of the AMA.

Mike Jamison, general manager of Ohio operations for Rosebud Mining Company of Kittanning, Pa., spoke about the Cap and Trade legislation.

Jamison compared Cadiz, Ohio to Cadiz, Spain where they had previously passed legislation similar to Cap and Trade. A recent study from Spain reported that 2.2 jobs were lost for every green job created by that legislation and only 1 in 10 became a permanent job. This bill is designed to shock the economy for the next four years to take our consumption habits and modify them to the point where CO2 is almost non-existent from the country. Meanwhile China and India are bringing two coal fired power plants on line per week.

Jamison offered that Congress should slow down and study the problem to determine whether there is a problem before committing our country to a policy that will destroy the coal industry. He reported that there is a greater correlation between temperatures and sun spot activity.

Jeannette Moll, a lawyer in private practice from Zanesville and candidate for Congress, spoke on the First Amendment.

The First Amendment guarantees the freedom of speech and religion but these rights are under attack in Congress. The Fairness Doctrine would give government control of speech over the airwaves. The effect on talk radio would be that with too many regulations, radio owners would find it too costly and complicated to continue and change their programming. Moll drew an analogy to the proposed Hate Crimes legislation that Zach Space supports. This legislation violates the 14th Amendment that all citizens receive equal protection under the law. The law is limited to bodily harm but includes physical manifestations of speech, thus the law restricts constitutionally protected speech. Other nations have passed similar laws and used them to limit the reading of the bible.

Jeff Roson, an avid hunter, sportsman and combat veteran who served 8 years in the US Marine Corps, spoke about the Second Amendment.

He spoke of living in other countries where there is gun control and how he had to evacuate victims from nations because they could not defend themselves.

“Many believe the Second Amendment is about hunting, they are wrong, it is about self defense”. Jeff then went on to quote Thomas Jefferson, “that when the people fear the government, there is tyranny, but when the government fears the people there is liberty.”

Roson told the crowd that he had the privilege and honor of serving with men in Marine Corp Reconnaissance Units, SEAL Teams and Delta Force. They had similar characteristic; they had discipline, they were motivated, they were focused and they believed in what they were doing. You have these characteristics, the battlefield is different, the weapons are different, but you must stay focused, motivated and disciplined. Some of the issues currently being pushed are Campus Carry which would allow students to protect themselves, and Teacher Carry so that teachers and administrators may protect our children in school. He advised joining the NRA and other Ohio firearms groups, applying to get a concealed weapons permit citing power in numbers.

Rachel Layton, a senior at Buckeye Trail and winner of the essay contest, read her essay. When she finished, Glen presented her with the $100 dollar prize and told her she had to pay taxes on the money she won. After several transactions representing the percentage of payroll taxes paid on $100,000 she had $66 remaining. Glen reminded her that she wasn’t done and would still need to pay sales tax on everything she bought, gasoline tax, property taxes if she ever bought property, and many more taxes. At the end of the demonstration she received all of her prize.

Sue Elias offered the opening and closing prayers for the event. Roger Logsdon sang the National Anthem and Stand Up for Old Glory. Melanie Reynolds and Diana Bowling from Uncompromise sang Freedoms Never Free and all three sang God Bless the USA encouraging the crowd to join in.

Four petitions were signed by attending Patriots: against Government Control (Universal, Single payer, Public Option, etc) Healthcare, against Cap & Trade (Tax) legislation, for Auditing the FED, and for the Enumerated Powers Act. Tea bags were also collected to symbolize the original Boston Tea Party that started the American Revolution. The petitions and tea bags will be sent to the Ohio US Senators, Voinovich and Brown and US Representatives, Space and Wilson with hopes that they will hear the voice of the concerned citizens of Harrison and surrounding counties. Photos from the event can be viewed at www.harrisoncoteaparty.ning.com.