The Buckeye Connection

Do you have a hole in your wallet? Does the cash seem to disappear? Discovering just what causes this mystery can help us to put in a plug and save dollars. It is generally perceived that large purchases make us run out of money, when actually it is small purchases that chip away at our cash and result in more money being spent then we realize.

For a reality check, I have prepared a partial list of frequently purchased small items that can add up to big bucks in one year. One can of pop (vending machine) at $1.25 for five days a week will cost $ 325. A candy bar (vending machine) costing 75 cents (5 days a week) will climb to $195.00 in a year. Cigarettes at $6.00 a pack a day will be a huge amount of $2,190.00. Stopping for a large coffee costing $1.25 will be $300.00 in one year. The total for one year of the above small purchases will be $3010.00. This is a lot of money spent on small items.

Ways to save dollars would be to buy pop cans in bulk and put them in a cooler in the car or even a better idea would be to drink more water. We actually need eight (8 oz size) glasses of water everyday. Candy bars can be bought in bulk and taken with us as snacks. However, a healthier snack would be to pack a snack break bag (with an ice pack) including fresh veggies to dip, pretzels, rice cakes, fresh or dried fruit and nuts. Making your own coffee at home and taking it with you will help save many dollars. The best way to save money when purchasing cigarettes is to stop smoking. The results will be money saved, but more importantly your health will improve.

In conclusion, before we make a purchase we should stop and ask ourselves these questions. Is this something I need? Is this something I want? What would happen to me if I did not buy this? Stopping and thinking before buying an item will reduce impulse buying and will help us to save money.