The Buckeye Connection

The Ohio State University in cooperation with Belmont County Juvenile Court offers first-time juvenile traffic offenders the opportunity to participate in CARTEENS, a traffic safety program whose primary goal is to reduce the number of repeat juvenile traffic offenders. The original CARTEENS program began in 1987 in Brown County and has expanded throughout the state of Ohio. It has proven to be a valuable tool in educating Ohio’s youthful drivers and saving lives on highways.

The ‘car’ in CARTEENS stands for “caution and responsibility” white the ‘teens’ refers to the teenage volunteers who help prepare and present the three-hour program which is held on Wednesday evenings every three to four weeks at the Extension office. The teenage traffic violators who attend participate in a variety of activities which cover topics such as drinking and driving, text messaging while driving, seatbelt safety, and tips for safe driving. Videos, power point presentations and games are used to present the information to attendees. A parent is also required to attend with each teen driver.

The CARTEENS’ volunteers who help present the program receive the benefit of 4-H membership. The hours they devote to the program can also be used for community service credit hours at their school. Volunteers are also rewarded with incentives such as gas and gift cards and earn credit toward a scholarship which is awarded to active volunteers at the end of their senior year.

For more information about the CARTEENS’ program, contact Susan West at OSU Extension at 740-695-1455.

The Buckeye Connection

Have you ever been involved in the age-old debate over which came first-the chicken or the egg? For third grade students in Belmont County, the answer is easy-the egg! Starting in February, students will be participating in the OSU Extension program ChickQuest. The program will begin with the delivery of eggs and an incubator and will conclude with the hatching of a bunch of lively chicks 21 days later.

Chick Quest replaces The Incredible Egg which has been offered to schools for many years. All new activities will allow students to collect data and record it in log books provided through the generosity of the Belmont County Farm Bureau. As scientists, students will ask questions, observe, collect data, measure, hypothesize, test, research, classify, solve, analyze, build, design, create, improve and communicate as they learn the parts of the egg, monitor the incubator, study life cycles, create and build an egg catcher and more.

Incubators are available for the first set date on Feb. 2 but must be requested on Monday, Feb. 1. Limited reservations are available for March 2 and April 13.

For more information, contact Susan West at OSU Extension at 740-695-1455.

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