ULMS hosts Scholastic Challenge event

Union Local Middle School hosted its 6th annual Scholastic Challenge competition on March 12th. Fifteen teams representing Buckeye Trail Middle School (Kerry Jones, coach), St. Clairsville Middle School (Kathi Kish, coach), St. Michael’s Parish School (Sean Decker, coach), and Union Local Middle School (Sheri McElroy, coach) participated in the full day event.

First place went to St. Michael’s “Summa Scholastica” team of Zach Fahey, Peter Hartzell, Nick Lasure, Zach Sherman, and Phillip Payne.

Second place went to “The Techies” team of Tyler Comtois, R. J. Douglass, Tanner Elker, and Jonathan Morton from Buckeye Trail Middle School.

“The Intelligencia” team of Robin Bodner, Carly Bowman, Connor Frame, and Sami Workman, also from Buckeye Trail Middle School, took third place.

Moderators for the competition were Ruthie Martin, Leslie Stiles, Doug Wayt, and Susanna Wayt. Union Local High School students served as judges, timekeepers, and scorekeepers. Sheri McElroy, Union Local Scholastic Challenge advisor, coordinated the event with the assistance of Robin Sefsick, Leslie Stiles, and Penny Boggs.