Bridgeport students earn scholarships

Over $45,000 in Scholarships were awarded at the Bridgeport High School Annual Academic Banquet on May 24, 2010. Scholarships awarded ranged between $250 and $2200 per year for four years. The Bridgeport School District is fortunate to have many patrons that support the students in achieving their higher education.

Rob Zitzelsberger, High School Principal, said “The financial burden on families to send their children to college is becoming increasingly difficult. The students graduating from Bridgeport High School are extremely grateful to the various sponsors of these scholarships. As Principal of Bridgeport High School I am proud to be part of a community who values higher education by permitting our students an opportunity to jump start their financing to a higher education.”

Scholarships awarded to Bridgeport High School students are established by local organizations, business and community members. Treasurer Amy Porter said “The District currently has $262,000 in scholarship funds established by BHS alumni or in honor of BHS alumni. The scholarship trusts are set up to continue the tradition of giving for years to come.”

Stekol Scholarship – Shayna Fischer

Alumni Scholarships – Jimmy Gessler, Cassie Grandstaff, Nicole Lewis and Amanda Phillips

Bridgeport Athletic Boosters/Irene Ehni Memorial – Cassie Grandstaff

Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce – Nicole Lewis

Bridgeport Eagles – Dillon Lipperman

Bridgeport Christian Friendship Council – Kayla Custer, Cassie Grandstaff, Nicole Lewis and Dillon Lipperman

Bridgeport Education Association – Jennifer Teasdale, Leah Rader

Bridgeport PTO/J.E. Taylor – Moriah Agnew

Bridgeport Rotary – Aaron Clark

Bridgeport Woman’s Club – Beverly Reed

Bridgeport Youth Football Association – Jimmy Gessler

Independent Insurance Agents Association – Amanda Phillips

S.A. Gillette Scholarship – Shayna Fischer

James August Howells Scholarship – Moriah Agnew

Lazo Family Medicine, Inc. – Moriah Agnew

Fredrick Koss Scholar-Athlete – Rachel Benda

Mark Matz Memorial Athletic – Dillon Lipperman

Betty McAninch Memorial – Gabbrial Teasdale

Reynolds-Marty Scholarship – Cassie Grandstaff, Nathan Maleski

Mary Walter Smith Scholarships – Moriah Agnew, Ariel Besozzi, Rachel Benda, Doug Edge, Jimmy Gessler, Nicole Lewis, Amanda Phillips, Michael Staskey

Megan Elizabeth Canter – Rachel Benda

Class of 2005 – Jimmy Gessler

Howard and Kathryn Wilson – Moriah Agnew, Ariel Besozzi

Robert Ford Wilson Memorial – Jennifer Teasdale

Henry and Lulu Windsheimer – Kayla Custer, Dillon Lipperman, Jennifer Teasdale

Bridgeport Baseball Parents – Jimmy Gessler

Albert Christ – Moriah Agnew, Rachel Benda, Aaron Clark, Kayla Custer, Robert Danielson, Victoria Donbeck, Shayna Fischer, Jimmy Gessler, Dillon Lipperman, Nathan Maleski, Amanda Phillips, Leah Rader, Gwendolynn Smith, Michael Staskey, Jennifer Teasdale

Ohio Valley Mall – Ariel Besozzi

Scheid Essay Contest- Taylor Biedenbach – first place, Doug Edge first place, Shayna Fischer second place