Area teens recognized

Shayla Outward, Martins Ferry High School and Ayla Spolijar of St. John’s High School have been awarded the Teen of the Month Award for February.

Outward is the daughter of Dawn and Jesse Outward of St. Clairsville, a senior at Martins Ferry High School and ranked 19th in her class with a GPA of 3.62.

Outward is a member of the Chy-Phy, secretary of her class, plays varsity softball and volleyball, volunteers her time with Jerry’s Kids, Special Olympics, Young Life youth group and the Soap Box Derby. Her hobbies include swimming, walking, cooking and scrapbooking. She plans to attend college and earn a degree in Early Childhood Education.

Spolijar is the daughter of Carla Spolijar of Rayland, a senior at St. John’s High School and is ranked 9th in her class holding a 3.51 GPA.

Spolijar is a member of the International, Interact, and Science Clubs, also a member of the softball team. She helps to fundraise and organize for multiple programs with the Interact Club, coaches children at the Wheeling Pitching Clinics and volunteers at the spaghetti dinners and the St. John’s Football games. She will be working towards a master degree in molecular biology/microbiology and playing college softball. Her hobbies include playing the clarinet, scrapbooking and caring for animals on the farm.

Both students awards will be sent to a committee for consideration of the Student of the Year Award. If so awarded, the awards will be send to the State Grand Lodge for consideration of a $2,000 scholarship.

The Elks is very proud of these fine students and with them the best of luck with their future plans and dreams.