St. C. High School accepting E-Waste

Electronics Recycling Services of Bellaire, OH is sponsoring an E-Waste Challenge involving several local high schools. St. Clairsville High school is participating in the E-Waste Challenge this week. Bring your old, broken and unwanted small electronics to St. Clairsville High School Wed. Thursday or Friday this week and help us out.

All small electronics, including (but not limited to) lap tops, printers, copiers, security systems, cash registers, radios, scanners, typewriters, cameras, VCR and DVD players, cassettes, CD and MP3 players, fax machines and all types of monitors are welcome. (No tubed TV’s).

In addition, if you bring in your old and unused cell phones, we will receive bonuses for each cell phone turned in. Make sure to take your Simm card out before you drop it off.

Drop offs can be brought to the garage beside the administration building behind the school between 8:00 and 2:00 today through Fri. this week. Contact Gary Watt at (740) 699-2245 with any questions.

Support your local school and do your part to help the environment.