New benches at Oglebay outdoor pool

The historic outdoor pool at Oglebay has new lounging benches, replacing the old “sunning benches” that have been a fixture at the pool since it opened in 1938.

“Sixty new lounging benches are in place at the Oglebay outdoor pool this season,” said Director of Operations John Hargleroad. “Manufactured from recycled plastics, the new lounges are designed for comfort and are easily adjustable.”

Built in the post-depression years by the Civilian Conservation Corps, the outdoor pool is one of Oglebay’s most enduring facilities. Hundreds of thousands of families and day campers have enjoyed the picturesque venue, and it has been home to swim exhibitions, life-saving classes and, more recently, a swim with your dog event on Labor Day after the pool closes for the season.

The old pool benches can be purchased for $25 each, plus tax. “Many visitors have fond memories of the sunning benches so we are giving the public the chance to buy them,” added Hargleroad. There is a limit of 10 benches per person, and the benches can be picked up at the Pine Room. Call 304-243-4041 to make arrangements.

New lounging benches have replaced the old “sunning benches” at the Oglebay outdoor pool. The old benches had been a fixture at the pool since the facility opened in 1938 and are available to the public for $25 each.