Bus routes for Bridgeport Schools

  • BUS #11

ROBERT HODGES- AM RUN – 7:05 Leave school. Go east on Rt. #40 to Lincoln Ave. to Howard St.; 7:10, Pick up Exxon Station; 7:12, Pick up Domino’s Pizza; 7:18, Pick up Sonotone Hearing Center; 7:22, Pick up each stop sign going west on Howard St.; 7:24, Pick up Buckeye St.; 7:25, Pick up Minellen Dr.; 7:26, Pick up Riesbeck’s Food Market; 7:28, Pick up Goosetown; 7:30, drop off students at school (rear).

PM RUN – 2:20, Go to school (rear); 2:25, Load elementary students; 2:33, Load MS/HS students; 2:43, Go to Boydsville drop off; 2:45 Drop off Buckeye St.; 2:48, Drop off Stop 10 Bridge & Minellen St.; 2:49, Drop off at each stop sign on Howard St. going east; 2:50, Drop off Sonotone Hearing Center. ? BUS #15- PHOEBE CRANE

AM RUN – 6:46 Leave; 6:55, Pick up West Wheeling, old fire house; 6:58, Pick up second white fence on right; 7:00, Pick up at cement wall on left; 7:02, Pick up second red house past stop sign.; 7:04, Pick up in front of St. John’s Elem.; 7:06, Pick up at Bellaire Dairy Queen; 7:16, Pick up at Former Uniforms Unlimited; 7:17, Pick up at Stop 10 Bridge; 7:19, Pick up at Bridgeport Auto Parts; 7:21, Pick up at Payless Shoe Store; 7:23, Pick up at St. Paul’s Church; 7:25, Pick up at Blue house across from Pro Builders; 7:30, Drop off at HS/MS Students.

PM RUN – 2:20, Arrive at school (rear); 2:25, Load Elementary students; 2:33, Load High/Middle school; 2:34, Drop off at Dairy Queen Driveway; 2:35, Drop off at Bridgeport Auto Parts; 2:40, Drop off West Wheeling; 2:42, Go to Bellaire.; 2:48, Drop off second white fence on right; 2:49, Drop off concrete wall on left.; 2:50, Drop off fourth house on right after stop sign; 2:51, Drop off at next stop sign; 3:01, Drop off at Shadyside Chinese restaurant.


AM RUN – 6:40, Leave School.; 6:45, Pick up at Citizen’s Bank. Go to Martins Ferry; 7:00, Pick up Hill St.; 7:03, Pick up 6th St., and Cemetery Road; 7:05, Pick up Zane Hwy. & Center St.; 7:06, Pick up Seabrights Lane; 7:07, Pick up Ferry Hardware; 7:09, Pick up Grant St.; 7:11, Pick up Zane Hwy. & Delaware St.; 7:12, Pick up Catawba St.; 7:14, Pick up Martins Ferry Christian School; 7:16, Pick up Martins Ferry Party Center; 7:17, Pick up Shutler’s Market; 7:18, Pick up Zane Hwy., & Willow Ave.; 7:20, Pick up 3rd St. in Aetnaville; 7:21, Pick up 4th Street; 7:22, Pick up 5th Street; 7:23, Pick up 6th Street, Go south on Rt. 7 to Bridgeport. Go West on 40; 7:26, Grid Iron in Bridgeport; 7:30, Drop off rear of school.

PM RUN – 2:20, Go to school rear. 2:25, Load elementary students; 2:33, Load MS/HS students; 2:40, Drop off Bridgeport Football Field; 2:42, Drop off Rent-a-Center. Go to Aetnaville; 2:45, Drop off 6th St.; 2:46, Drop off 5th St.; 2:46, Drop off 4th St.; 2:47, Drop off 3rd St.; 2:47, Arby’s; 2:50, Drop off Hill St.; 2:53, drop off Cemetery Road; 2:53, drop off Center St.; 2:54, Drop off Seabrights Lane; 2:55, Drop off Convenient Store; 2:56, Drop off Ferry Park; 2:57, Drop off Grant Ave.; 2:58, Drop off Delaware St.; 2:59, Drop off Catawba St.; 3:00, Drop off Euclid Ave.; 3:01, Drop off Christian School; 3:02, drop off Party Center; 3:05, Drop off Willow Ave.

  • BUS #17


AM RUN – 6:38, Leave school, take Rt. 40 east, to Chermont Rd. toward Route 250; 6:50, Pick up 69811 Chermont Rd.; 6:51, Pick up 69867 Chermont Rd.; 6:52, Pick up Austin Rd.; 6:56, Pick up Lollini Dr. lower end; 6:57, Pick up Route 250 on left. Pick up students at end of Chermont; 6:57, Pick up on left on two Rt. 250; 6:58, Pick up 70837 Rt. 250 on left; 6:59, Pick up V.F.W. on left; 7:00 Pick up next driveway on right; 7:01, Pick up Broad Road on right; 7:20, Pick up first rive way before Wood’s Rd. on right; 7:03, Pick up at Wood’s Road; 7:04, Pick up third house on right past Wood’s Rd.; 7:05, Pick up on right 3rd house before Carry Out; 7:06, Pick up Old Cadiz Rd.; 7:07, Pick up Sunset Height’s Firehouse; 7:08, Pick up on right 1st driveway past firehouse; 7:09, Pick up at Starlight Drive; 7:14, Pick up Central Ave. (Crawford Heights); 7:19, Pick up lower end of Liapple Street; 7:20, Pick up upper end Wilson Furniture Warehouse; 7:30, Drop off rear of school. Return to lot.

PM RUN – 2:20, Arrive at rear of school. 2:25, Load Elementary; 2:33, Load Middle/High School; 2:41, Drop off 69811 Chermont Rd.; 2:42, Drop off 69897 Chermont Rd.; 2:43, Drop off Austin Rd.; 2:48, Drop off 70837 Rt. 250 on left; 2:49, Drop off Lawver Dr. on left; 2:50, Drop off V.F.W.; 2:52, Drop off Broad Rd. ; 2:53, Drop off first driveway before Wood’s Rd. on right; 2:53, Drop off Wood’s Road; 2:54, Drop off first driveway past Wood’s Rd. on right; 2:55, Drop off 3rd house on right before Carry Out; 2:56, Drop off at Old Cadiz Rd. on right; 2:57, Drop off Sunset Heights Firehouse; 2:58, Drop off 1st driveway past Firehouse; 2:59k, Drop off on left across from Starlight Drive; 3:00, Drop off Starlight drive on right; 3:01, Drop off first driveway on left past Starlight Drive; 3:03, Drop off Crawford Heights; 3:05, Drop off lower Liapple St.; 3:06, Drop off top end of Wilson’s Warehouse. Return to lot.


(This route is on Route 40 only, between the school and Blaine) AM RUN – 7:14, Leave school. 7:15, 53971 National Rd. – Grade Ave.; 7:16, Pick up Blaine Post Office; 7:17, Pick up Blaine Viaduct; 7:19, Pick up stop sign Barton Rd.; 7:21, Pick up Stop 32; 7:22, Pick up 54920 National Rd Green House; 7:23, Pick up Grey house before Car lot; 7:24, Pick up 55111 National Rd. next to Bell’s Gulf; 7:25, Pick up old Lansing School; 7:26, Pick up St. Joe’s; 7:27, Pick up Adolph St. in Wolfhurst; 7:28, Pick up Trailer Court; 7:30, Drop off students at rear of school. Return to lot.

PM RUN – 2:20, Arrive at school. 2:20, Load students – Elementary; 2:33, Load MS/HS students; 2:38, drop off Trailer Court; 2:40, Drop off Adolf Ave., in Wolfhurst; 2:42, Drop off at former St. Joe’s School; 2:43, Drop off Scott St., at Bell’s Gulf; 2:45, Drop off Lansing School; 2:48, Drop off stop sign Marie & Church Street Cemetery; 2:49, Drop off stop sign Church St. & Rt. 40; 2:50, Drop off first and third house past car lot; 2:51, Drop off Stone House; 2:53, Drop off Stop 32; 2:54, Drop off between second and third house past Blaine Post Office; 2:55, Drop off stop sign Blaine Viaduct. Return to lot.


AM RUN – 6:20, Leave school got to Chermont Rd. to Rt. 250 turn left, go to Sharon Rd.; 6:35, Pick up Pink mail box on Sharon Rd.; 6:40, Pick up 52971 Farmington Road; 6:45, Go to Barton; 6:50, Leave Falls Bridge-County Rd. #12; 6:43, Pick up 5th house on right after turn around; 6:44, Pick up next to last house before Barton Trap on County Rd. 12; 6:48, Pick up in Hell’s Kitchen; 6:51, go toward Cresent. Pick up 4th house on right; 6:53, Go to 9th house on right on Cresent Rd.; 6:58, Go to Cresent. Gross bridge. Pick up first house on left; 6:59, Pick up 4th house on left. Go back to Barton. 7:05, Pick up Church St.; 7:06, Pick up Firemen’s Field; 7:12, Pick up White house right side; 7:20, Pick up Blaine Cemetery; 7:30, Go to school drop off, rear.

PM RUN – 2:20, line busses up (rear); 2:25, Load elementary students; 2:33, Load MS/HS students; 2:40, Drop off 3rd house past car lot on right; 2:45, Drop off Blaine cemetery. Go to Barton. 2:51, Drop off White house on left before Cycle Shop; 2:53, Drop off Firemen’s Field; 3:00, drop off Church St.. Turn left at bridge and pass Barton Trap. Go to Hell’s Kitchen and turn around; 3:05, Drop off West Loretta. Drop off at turn around. 3:07, Go toward Cresent. Drop off 4th house and ninth house. Go to Cresent, turn right. Drop off 1st house on left; 3:20, Drop off 4th house on left. Go to Barton, Drop off after Barton Trap 3rd house on left.;3:25, Drop off 4th house before Falls bridge; 3:35, Go to Sharon Drop off Pink mail box. Go to Farmington Rd. turn left to Swingle Rd., Drop off 2nd house on right. Return to school.


AM RUN – 7:05, Leave school go to Chermont Rd.; 7:08, Pick up at Sterling Ave.; 7:09, Pick up at Seminole Dr.; 7:10, Pick up at Wierzbicki’s. Turn and go to County Rd #20; 7:12, Pick up Albus; 7:21, Pick up at 68924 Kilzmiller; 7:24, Pick up at 68370 before sharp turn; 7:25, Pick up at Belmont Height’s Apt. but goes into complex. 7:28, Pick up at 68095 by alley on Blaine Chermont; 7:29, Pick up at 53886 National Road across from Taflan Steel; 7:30, Drop off students in rear; 8:00, Pick up preschool and take to Bellaire Elementary School.

PM RUN – 2:20, Arrive at rear of school; 2:25, Load elementary students; 2:33, Load High/Middle school students; 2:36, Go west on Rt #40 to Chermont Rd.; 2:40, Drop off at Sterling Ave.; 2:44, Drop off at Wierzbicki’s turn. Go to intersection of County Rd #18/20. Turn left on County Rd. #20; 2:49, Drop off at 69100; 2:50, Drop off 68925; 2:52, Drop off 68540 (Mon. & Tues. only); 2:53, Drop off at 68370; 2:54, Drop off at Belmont Heights Appt.; 2:55, Drop off at alley on Blaine Chermont; 2:58, Drop off at last house on left; 3:00, Drop off at Rt. 40 before Blaine bar. Return to school.


AM RUN – 6:55, Go up Blaine Hill to Route 214. Pick up at Poplar Ave.; 7:10, Go up I-470. Pick up parking area Route 214; 7:15, Pick up on Co. Rd. 30. Driveway just past Kilgore Rd.; 7:17, Pick up McConn’s; 7:19, Pick up Alexander Rd.; 7:20, Pick up Adam’s St.; 7:23, Pick up Scott’s Lane; 7:25, Pick up Jacquette St.; 7:30, Pick up Bennett St. & South Lincoln Ave. Go to school drop off rear. Radio for J.V.S. Load JVS, B,CAP. Go to JVS. Return to lot.

PM RUN – 1:30, Leave lot and go to JVS. 2:00 Load JVS & C-cap; 2:05, Pick up New Covenant student; 2:15, Drop off Stop 32; 2:20, Drop off trailer court. Go to school (rear).; 2:25 Load Elementary; 2:33, Load MS/HS students; 2:38, Drop off at former Uniform’s Unlimited; 2:39, Go to West Wheeling, Drop off old Fire House; 2:40, Drop off Whitley St.; 2:41, Drop off Jacquette St.; 2:42, Drop off Scott’s Lane; 2:45, Drop off Adam’s St.; 2:47, Drop off 5th house on left; 2:50, Drop off water tank; 2:53, Drop off top of hill, first house on right.; 2:55, Drop off McConn’s; 2:57, Drop off end of Kirkwood Heights & Route 214; 3:09, Drop off Poplar Ave., Route 214. 3:10, Return to lot.