Senior living facility taking shape at St. Clair Commons

The wings of the incoming senior living facility are taking shape.

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — The planned senior living facility at St. Clair Commons is taking shape and should be completed this winter.

Christopher Bailey, president of Premier Healthcare Resources, Solutions for Senior Care Providers, said the project is moving forward as planned — or perhaps at an even better pace than expected.

“The original planned date for completion of construction was the end of December; however, we now have an accelerated schedule where it looks like they will be completed in November.”

The facility will boast wings connected by a walking path, internal courtyards and numerous amenities. The housing project would include an open kitchen and amenities including a movie theater, library, physical fitness center, a chapel and games. It will feature 80 assisted living units and 20 independent living units in one building.

The facility will house a maximum of 120 occupants ages 85 or older at a cost of $130 to $140 per day. It is expected to employ 60 people. Bailey noted that the employees will be local residents and that he is now looking for a local assisted living coordinator.

The complex will cover 11.8 acres. Construction is about 36 percent complete with two of the three wings up.

“We have B-Wing and C-Wing completely erected, and they are currently working on A-Wing framing,” Bailey said, adding that the plans are to have the A-Wing fully erected by the end of June.

“They’re putting shingles on the B and the C wing, so they’ve progressed fairly well with that,” he said. “Once the building is enclosed, they will start the interior finishes. Until the building is dried in totally, they really won’t be starting much of that.”

Bailey pointed out that potential residents have already shown an interest.

“We have been surprised by the amount of interest already. We already have a large number of … parties interested in moving in. Over 50 have inquired about essentially moving into this facility,” he said.

On-site Superintendent Heath Thompson said this is a complex job and an intersection of multiple projects. He pointed out the ongoing Ohio Department of Transportation freeway overpass construction that is underway nearby, as well as the sanitary sewer and waterline system being provided by the city.

“As of now, we are still tracking around November to have the building complete and have all this stuff in,” he said. “The original schedule was the end of December.”

He said crews are working on multiple aspects of the job at once.

“Right now we’ve got two wings that are framed and under roof,” Thompson said, pointing out that basements are also complete. “We are working all of our mechanicals in. Our plumbing and electric … we should have the superstructure under roof by the first week of next month. We’ll be working into this month, the beginning of next, getting all the roofs tied in, then we’ll start exterior finishes.”

Thompson said this will be followed by further interior additions and refinements such as shower units, dry wall, paint, finished woodwork and handrails.

He also commented on the complexity of the senior living center and the high volume and use it will have the capacity to meet.

“There’s a hundred units in it,” he said.

The developers are also constructing the access road from the Mall Connector Road to the senior living center.

“You’ve got three contracts, the sanitary, the road and the building, and what we’re doing with those three contracts is that as they come in, we’re getting this site ready for the next development part of it, anything that’s slotted out they want to build, we’ve got to put in all the services to supply those,” he said, adding that the area must also be open for further expansion.

“Everything is laid out for more buildings to be built, so that makes the project a little more complicated. We’ve got three contracts coming into one just to feed the original building.”

Thompson said planning utilities and road access to those further projects calls for considerable coordination and meetings among those involved.

St. Clairsville Mayor Terry Pugh said the city has almost completed the work of providing utility services.

“We have a waterline that’s been constructed on Young Lane. It’s fully functional,” he said. “We have city power that is right beside the facility waiting for their electricians to hook up to it. The sewer lines have been run, with a new lift station right off of Route 40 in the construction phase right now, and they’re boring from Route 40 the old lift station under the new connector road to hook up into the new one to have a forced main back to the sewage plant.”

He said he expects the utility work to be complete within the next month and a half. Some underground wiring and conduits may be installed at a later date.