Martins Ferry flower shop under new management

MARTINS FERRY — Whether you need flowers for a wedding, funeral, dance or other special occasions, local residents don’t need to look any further than Walnut Street in Martins Ferry, where Ferry Flowers and More is ready to help.

Shelly Thorton is the new owner of the flower shop, which has been located on Walnut Street ever since the Martins Ferry Flower Shop was lost in a devastating fire last October. The new store was set up to fill the void after the owners of the Martins Ferry flower Shop decided not to rebuild and to instead retire. The shop on Walnut Street has been open for less than a year but has already seen a change in ownership.

Thorton said she assisted the previous owner of the store and was asked over the summer if she would like to own the shop. Thorton said she had always waited to run her own shop and accepted, becoming the official owner of the newly named Ferry Flowers and More on Aug. 1.

“It was a little intimidating at first,” Thorton admitted, saying she is still trying to get used to things after being in charge for a month. “It’s a bit of a learning curve, but it’s exciting and new, too. I hope to be doing it for years to come.”

The shop offers a variety of products and services for customers. Thorton offers standard flower arrangements for weddings, funerals and other occasions. She said she hopes to offer her services to the school systems in the area for events such as homecoming and prom. She is able to make arrangements incorporating school logos and designs, such as the purple horseshoe symbol of Martins Ferry City Schools. Although she mostly sticks to arranging flowers, Thorton said she is willing to incorporate other elements into her designs on request, such as candy or other edible materials. Thorton said more unusual requests have led her to incorporate alcohol bottles into arrangements, and she once made a 32-ounce bottle of Heinz ketchup the centerpiece of a floral display.

“Whatever they want, if you can give me 24 hours I can make it,” Thorton said. “You just tell me and I’ll make it happen.”

Thorton is a native of the local area and is happy to be working with flowers and supplying a needed service to the area again. Her experience with flower arranging began eight years ago, when she went in to help a friend at a shop fill a big order one day. Thorton discovered she had a talent for it and enjoyed the work, so she continued. She took a few years off to be with her children, but now they are old enough to give her a little help of their own. Thorton said she enjoys owning her shop, and business has been good so far. The biggest obstacle is just letting people know that the store is there and ready for customers.

“I just like making people happy,” Thorton said. “I’ll do whatever I can to fulfill their needs. I have something for everyone, and if I don’t have it I’ll find it for you.”

Ferry Flowers and More is located at 405 Walnut St. in Martins Ferry. For more information, visit the shop on Facebook or call 740-633-2051.