Robber’s sentence is postponed one week

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — The sentencing date for the second of two men convicted in an attempted breaking and entering at a Shadyside home on Pipe Creek Road was approaching Monday.

Belmont County Common Pleas Judge John Vavra ruled that Kenneth Leroy Hall, 29, incarcerated, would have his sentencing date delayed for one week to address legal matters. He will go before Vavra again Nov. 20 to hear his sentence. He pleaded guilty to robbery in an incident that occurred Nov. 8, 2016. He faces a maximum sentence of eight years behind bars.

Hall broke into the house with co-defendant Lucas Crooks, 28, of Clarington. However, the residents were home at the time and the homeowner was armed.

According to law enforcement, both the homeowner and the invaders fired shots before the intruders fled the scene with both co-defendants suffering from gunshot wounds. Hall was transported to Ohio Valley Medical Center in Wheeling once he was apprehended.

Crooks has since been sentenced to the maximum of eight years.

Meanwhile, Vavra ruled on other cases Monday:

Devin Allen Bradley, 18, of 205 Oak St., Bethesda pleaded guilty to breaking and entering in a May 28 incident. His sentencing was set for Nov. 27. A pre-sentence investigation and Eastern Ohio Correction Center evaluation were ordered.

Travis Johnson Bell, 47, of 60377 Pigeon Point Road, Barnesville was arraigned and pleaded innocent to possession of drugs in a March 26 incident. His pretrial was set for Nov. 27, with a plea agreement deadline Dec. 11 and trial

Jan. 11.

A recognizance bond was ordered.