CDBG money discussed for Monroe County

WOODSFIELD– Mary Jo Westfall, Ohio State University extension associate, attended the Monroe County commissioners meeting on Monday to discuss the Community Development Block Grant again.

In February, she first introduced the federal CDBG to the public. The program provides annual grants to counties in municipalities which expands opportunities in revitalizing neighborhoods and improving community facilities. Westfall said projects such as road slip repairs, guardrail upgrades, traffic signs, small bridge replacements, and paving projects fall within the budget of the grant.

Westfall explained to the commissioners on Monday which communities have applied for the grant and what wants to be done with it. Some of the communities have plans to pave streets such as village of Beallsville on Ohio 45 and Lee Township on Ohio 800. Washington Township wants to revitalize a covered bridge and put in new road signs.

Each of these projects will have a total of $1 million.

Since the first public hearing for the CDGB grants, Ohio and Lee Water has also applied for a the grant for a meter reader and this will be added on to another project they are doing. Washington Electric needs a new substation and this will total $2.5 million. Engineer Amy Zwick said a bridge on County Road 12 needs worked on. It has became weight limited which prevents some distributors to companies and businesses from getting in properly and vehicles have to go another route.

The Monroe County Board of Developmental Disabilites also joined in on the commissioners meeting. Helen Ring, superintendent, wants to bring awareness to development disabilities for the month of March.

The Board of Developmental Disabilities offers a variety of services for people with developmental disabilities. The services are available without charge and Ring said taxpayers will benefit from it by having productive employees and these people will be contributing to the tax system rather than being dependent on society.

Michael Kanzigg, Jessica Stephens, and Kevin Craft who attend the facility also came to join the meeting by telling commissioners what they do there. Stephens was asked what occupational services are there and she said recycling, fingerprinting, cooking, and janitorial work are offered. Craft is being educated by the board for cooking and said he loves every second of it. Craft said there is a theme every year and this yearás is food from around the world which focuses on a different place each month.

The adult workshop center has also been given more space recently and Ring said she is excited for the change.

âThey are not eating and doing things all in one room anymore,ã Ring said. âWe are just trying to get some new furniture and the bathroom is much better too. We had $25,000 in donations to do this and it is just amazing.ã