Martins Ferry Chamber planning Academic Recognition Banquet

MARTINS FERRY — The Martins Ferry Area Chamber of Commerce’s 34th Annual Academic Recognition Banquet is scheduled to be held at WesBanco Arena at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 1. It is the intention of the chamber to provide an avenue to publicly recognize the students who qualify. Qualifications for attending the banquet are as follows:

∫ Grades 5-8 must have a 3.50 GPA and grades 9-12 must have a 3.75 GPA. This GPA will be at the end of the fifth six weeks or the end of the third nine weeks period for the current school year. Seniors with a 3.50 or greater GPA and having attained a cumulative GPA of 3.75 for grades 9-12 will also be eligible to attend. These requirements have been determined by the Martins Ferry superintendent of schools and anymore questions regarding the qualifications should be directed to that office.

∫ All students living within the Martins Ferry City School District in grades 5-12, regardless of the school they attend, are eligible to attend the banquet. The parents of these students must notify the administration at the school their child attends of the banquet and its qualifications.

∫ Conforming to the Ohio State Legislation concerning open enrollment, any student living outside the district but attending Martins Ferry Schools will also be eligible for recognition.

Letters have been sent to those who have made a donation to the banquet in the past. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated as this banquet costs about $10,000 each year. The money raised pays for the students’ meals, plaques, photo and scholarships. Donors making a contribution by April 6 will be listed on the back of the program.

For more information call the chamber at 740-633-2565 or mail a donation to the Martins Ferry Chamber of Commerce, 108 S. Zane Highway, Martins Ferry, OH 43935.

Students who qualify for the banquet will receive their invitation the first or second week of April along with their complementary ticket. Each student may purchase up to four additional tickets. The price for these tickets is $12.50 each through April 18; after that date the price will be $17.50 each.