Final step for CDBG in Monroe County

WOODSFIELD — Two Community Developmental Block Grant applications are in their final steps for Monroe County.

Mary Jo Westfall, extension associate with The Ohio State University, came Monday to the Monroe County Commissioners meeting for a second public hearing about the grants. Westfall said Benton and Washington townships will be competing with other communities across the state for a neighborhood revitalization grant.

Before the county can submit the CDBG application to Ohio Development Services Agency, two public hearings are required. Only one member of the public from Benton Township attended the Monday hearing.

âIf we donát hear anything before August, thatás a good sign,ã Westfall said of the next steps in the process. âUsually around fair time we will hear if we got it one way or the other. The projects would start in September if we are lucky enough to get it.ã

The program provides annual grants that expand opportunities in revitalizing neighborhoods and improving community facilities. Westfall said projects such as road slip repairs, guardrail upgrades, traffic signs, small bridge replacements and paving fall within the budget of the grant.

Commissioners decided in March that Benton and Washington townships would compete with other communities for the grant after Westfall introduced the grant in February.

Benton Township, in the southern part of the county, would receive money for replacing culverts on various roads and a concrete slab at a creek crossing. A hump in that same road will need to be removed, and the Brownsville area needs roads paved. Benton Township requested $57,100 and the the total project cost will be $64,700.

Representatives from Washington Township, which also is located in the southern part of the county, would use the money for a concrete parking lot at the township building that will include drainage and handicapped parking. The amount requested was $35,500, which is the cost of the entire project.

The village of Woodsfield also applied for a non-competitive critical infrastructure grant through CDBG to repave Oaklawn Avenue. Westfall is expected to hear about funding for that grant in July or August. The project would start in September.

The next commissioner meeting is at 9 a.m. Monday at the courthouse in Woodsfield.