Nutcrackers lose a few pieces

STEUBENVILLE — City officials say other than a few missing parts, the inhabitants of Steubenville’s Nutcracker Village weathered Tuesday morning’s windstorm fairly well.

Mayor Jerry Barilla said a tray was missing from Greg the Waiter; Candy Kane lost what she’d been holding, and Vinny the winemaker and the Steeler nutcracker each lost arms. Baron Von Steuben lost his hand, and the steering wheel was blown out of the Porsche.

But all-in-all, Barilla and Historic Fort Steuben Executive Director Judy Bratten said they were relieved “that’s all that happened.”

“For being outside for a month, 24 hours a day, it is expected to have some issues,” Barilla said after surveying the damage. “So, we fix things and move forward, always in a positive frame of mind.”

City police reported seeing several nutcrackers toppled over Tuesday morning. An officer reconnected the arm to a nutcracker positioned in front of the Jefferson County Courthouse, police said.

Bratten said there’s always a risk with outdoor displays.

“We’ve been pretty fortunate over the years,” she said, pointing out it “certainly could have been much worse, and we are thankful they held up as well as they have.”

“All the nutcrackers will be going to their winter retreat on Sunday and will receive the repairs and touch-ups they need after giving joy to so many,” Bratten added.

Most of the damage can be repaired, Barilla said.