Stop ends in an arrest, drugs seized

T-L Photo/ ROBERT A. DEFRANK A woman was arrested and cash and drugs seized after a traffic stop in Bellaire Wednesday.

BELLAIRE — A Bellaire woman was arrested Wednesday afternoon on charges of possession and trafficking crack cocaine.

The Belmont County Sheriff’s Office reported the Belmont County Criminal Interdiction Union conducted a traffic stop on 34th St. in Bellaire. Upon reportedly detecting a strong odor of marijuana, deputies deployed a K-9 officer, Copper, who gave a positive indication of drug paraphernalia. Kaitlyn Heath, 19, born Feb. 12, 1999, of Bellaire, reportedly admitted to concealing crack cocaine on her person, along with cash totalling $1,446.

Heath was transported to the Belmont County Jail and booked on multiple felony charges of possession of crack cocaine, trafficking in crack, and obstructing official business. Her bond was set at $16,345.

Belmont County Chief Deputy James Zusack said the amount of drugs seized has not been determined. He said he believes Heath was in the process of trafficking.

“When you have this amount of money, when the money coincides with the narcotics, there’s a question of trafficking. It’s a pretty large amount of money to just be carrying on your person along with the narcotics itself,” Zusack said, adding that the officers did good work and will continue.