Martins Ferry water outage expected to be resolved Friday afternoon

MARTINS FERRY — Water service is expected to be restored late Friday afternoon to some local residents who live outside of Martins Ferry.

Pam Nolen, secretary at the Belmont County Water and Sewer District, said three different waterline breaks have occurred in the past few days, leaving residents in the Barnes, Treadway, Beech Spring, Nickerson and Deep Run roads areas without water service since the weekend. The first break to occur on North Lawn has been repaired.

However, another private line broke, has been shut off and will be taken care by the owner. A third line break, also in the North Lawn area, finally was discovered Wednesday and crews were headed there to fix it, she said.

“It’s in a wooded area. … Once it’s repaired our tank on (Ohio 647) will recover and we’ll get water back to those areas,” Nolen said. “This is a tough one for our guys. … They’re working hard to get this resolved. They’ve been walking in the rain looking for it.”

Meanwhile, those who need potable water can get it at the Colerain, Sunset Heights or Yorkville volunteer fire departments; bring your own containers.

The Belmont County Emergency Management Agency also is setting up a water buffalo on Treadway Road near the first farm house. People must also bring their own containers to that site.

That buffalo will remain there until early Friday afternoon, officials said.

“At that time we hope to have everything back to normal. … All the areas with no water, once it is restored there is a 48-hour boil advisory for consumption only,” Nolen said.

Nolen was not sure about the number of households impacted by the breaks, but she estimated at least 100 people are affected. She said at this point the district is not sure what caused the line breaks.

“It could be anything — the cold, the weather, any number of things. It’s hard to determine until they dig it up and see what it is,” she said.