Trustee hopefuls throw hats in ring

ALL BUT five townships will have contested elections for trustees on the November General Election Ballot.

Candidates had until 4 p.m. on Friday to file their petitions with the board of elections. Those petitions have not been verified by the Belmont County Board of Elections.

All townships have two seats up for election this year.

Colerain Township had seven candidates file for the trustee seats up for election. John W. Yoker of Barton Road, St. Clairsville, Jeffrey S. Gazdik of Hell’s Kitchen Road, St. Clairsville, Wilson Adams Jr., of Maple Road, Dillonvale, Thomas Robinson of Gray’s Ridge Road, St. Clairsville, Willard Wolfe of Sharon Road Bridgeport, Michael Perry of Colerain Road, Bridgeport and Marc Emerson, Sharon Road, Colerain all filed to run.

If their petitions are approved, Terry Barricklow of Dunn Road, Flushing and Scott Roush of Depot Street, Flushing will be unopposed on the ballot for the two seats up in Flushing Township.

Four candidates are running for the seats in Goshen Township. Clesson Swallie of Carleton Road, Belmont, Forrest Kemp of Hatcher Road, Belmont, Bruce Miller, Hunter-Belmont Road, Belmont and Richard Whiteley Jr., Johnson Road, Bethesda, are the candidates for those trustee posts.

Kirkwood Township had two candidates, Ronald Temple, Hendrysburg Road, Barnesville and David Merrit, Old National Road, Barnesville, file for those seats.

Mead Township voters had four candidates file. They are David Mellot, Pipe Creek, Jacobsburg, Charles Edwin Palmer, Horse Mill Road, Shadyside, Richard Mayeres, Broadview Road, Shadyside and W. Roger Lewis, Dilles Bottom, Shadyside.

George Beeca, Ivy Lane, Martins Ferry and Michael Bianconi, Poplar Street, Brookside, filed to run for the Pease Township Trustees offices.

Pultney Township Trustee candidates are James Tekely Sr., Cummins Road, Bellaire, Franklin Shaffer Jr., Breezy Point Lane, Bellaire, Mark A. Cervelli, Hospital Road, Bellaire and William J. Marinelli, Sand Hill Road, Bellaire.

Six candidates filed petitions to be on the ballot in Richland Township. Seeking to be on the ballot for the two seats are Gregory Bizzarri Mills Road, St. Clairsville, James Scott Barnes, Puskarich Road, St. Clairville, Donald Stephens, Warnock Road, St. Clairville, James Baugh, High Street, St. Clairsville, John Jordan, Meadow Avenue, St Clairsville and John Wilson Nemeti, Cherry Hill Drive, St. Clairsville.

Smith Township candidates who filed are Edward Beckett, Watt Road, Jacobsburg, Michael DeLaney, Centerville-Warnock Road, Belmont, Stephen Baker, OK Road, Belmont, Ronald Duvall, Centerville-Jacobsburg Road, Belmont, and Ryan Eric Olexo, Warnock-Glencoe Road, Belmont.

Seeking the seats in Somerset Township are J. Dean Winland of Somerton Highway, Barnesville, Ronald Thornberry of Washington Street, Somerton, and Dale Betts of School Road, Jerusalem.

Union Township has three people seeking the offices. They are Tony Kolanski, Morristown-Flushing Road, Flushing, Daniel Carlier, Stenger Road, Morristown, and Thomas Johnson, Mt. Hope Road, Flushing.

Warren Towhship’s two candidates seeking to be on the ballot are Jimmy Grear, E. Main Street, Barnesville and Roger Markowich, W. Main Street, Barnesville.

Four filings were made by those wanting to run for Washington Township trustee seats – Larry Stukey of E. Captina Highway, Alledonia, Barry Trigg, Valley Drive, Armstrong Mills, Paul Kanzigg, Belmont Ridge, Beallsville and Merle Perkins of Pleasant Ridge, Alledonia.

Three candidates filed for Wayne Township. Seeking election are Willaim Davis, New Castle Beallsville Road, Beallsville, Rick Hagan, New Castle Road, Jerusalem and Rick Tubaugh, CR 92, Beallsville.

In Wheeling Township, Bill Androsko, Center Street (Midway), St. Clairville, Yvonne Fillon, Zac Avenue, Fairpoint, Stanley Pempak, Fairpoint Shepherds Road, St. Clairsville and Darren Tisko, Main Street, Fairpoint are seeking the township seats.

York Township candidates are Robert L. Rush, Mt. Victory Road, Powhatan Point, Robert Graham, Little Captina Road, Powhatan Point, Matthew Miller, Mt. Victory Road Powhatan Point and John Lysien, Cove Road, Powhatan Point.

The filing deadline for write-in candidates is Sept. 2.

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