Students’ journeys come to an end

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Officials at Belmont Technical College conferred degrees upon nearly 280 students as part of the college’s 2010 graduation ceremony in St. Clairsville. Hundreds of faculty, parents and extended family members were on hand to congratulate the Class of 2010 during the ceremony held in Horizon Hall on the BTC campus.

Chelsey Hunkler of Barnesville was named the class valedictorian and had the unique privilege of receiving degrees in Business Administration & Leadership and Small Business Administration & Entrepreneurship from her mother, Becky Hunkler, who works at BTC as an academic advisor.

“What a thrill to present Chelsey with her diploma,” Hunkler said. “I’m so proud of her and it’s such an honor for me to be an integral part in celebrating this wonderful milestone in her life.”

The class salutatorian, Cheryl Howells of St. Clairsville, is also employed at BTC as a lab aid in the Student Success Center. Howells earned both an Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) degree as part of BTC’s new 2-year Pre-Bachelor’s Associate program. Howells is among the first AA/AS students to earn degrees through the BTC program since it began in October 2008.

“Commencement is an exciting event for all of us here at BTC, and I congratulate you on your achievement. It’s an honor for all of us to have been a part of each of your lives,” said Joseph E. Bukowski, BTC president as he addressed the graduates. “However, I hope you leave here today with the sense that this single event is not the end of a journey, but merely a stepping stone in the pursuit of lifelong learning.”

The Rev. Dr. D.W. Cummings, pastor at Bethlehem Apostolic Temple in Wheeling, addressed the graduates as the commencement speaker. Cummings is a recognized religious and community leader in the Ohio Valley and was recently elevated to District Elder at the Ohio District Council.

Members of the Friday night graduating class of 2010 include:

Terrance Hosenfeld, Adena; Tricia Kovalski, Adena; Sandra Primovic, Adena; Leanne Sliva, Adena; Jessica Moore, Alledonia; Stephany Brown, Bannock; Samantha Brinkman, Barnesville; Misty Daugherty, Barnesville; Kayla Davis, Barnesville; Breanna Gibson, Barnesville; Michael Hatcher, Barnesville; Jessica Hoffman, Barnesville; Chelsey Hunkler, Barnesville; Heather Huntsman, Barnesville; Larry Kiddey, Barnesville; Sasha Loverso, Barnesville; Brian Mathews, Barnesville; Cindy Messenger, Barnesville; Lisa Price, Barnesville; Daniel Schmidt, Barnesville; Michael Sells, Barnesville; Kurt Seneff, Barnesville; Amy Skinner, Barnesville; Jessica Mann, Barton; Ethan Baker, Beallsville; Barbara Bertrand, Beallsville; Kent Price, Beallsville; Nicole Brown, Bellaire; David Campbell, Bellaire; Cindi Ellis, Bellaire\; Jonathan Freeman, Bellaire; Idora Kimbro, Bellaire; Bryan McCorkle, Bellaire; Timothy Samuels, Bellaire; Hillary Upperman, Bellaire; Chelssie Thompson, Belle Valley; Todd Boyer, Belmont; William Eddy, Belmont; Logan Pruitt, Belmont; Alexander Schafer, Belmont; Amanda Anderson, Bethesda; Alice Cooper, Bethesda; Cynthia Hixenbaugh, Bethesda; Lacey Kimble, Bethesda; Devin Otto, Bethesda; Shane Campbell, Bridgeport; Brandi Dojack, Bridgeport; Lauren Heller, Bridgeport; Brian Miller, Bridgeport; Charles Reynolds, Bridgeport; Morgan Roth, Bridgeport; Tracy Cady, Buffalo; J. Susan Bradley, Cadiz; Corey Currence, Cadiz; Molly Gavorcik, Cadiz; Alison Maffitt, Cadiz; Lorna White, Cadiz; Timothy, Mishlan, Caldwell; Adam Archer, Cambridge; Kellie Lapham, Cambridge; James Olden, Cambridge; Melissa Fox, Cameron; Derek Strope, Cameron; Ashley Leek, Clarington; Angela Pirl, Clarington; Cathy Tennyson, Clarington; Mary Loukinen, Colerain; Beth Zunk, Curtice; Jody Dulaney, Dillonvale; Lace French, Dillonvale; Julie McFadden, Dillonvale; Timothy Soos, Dillonvale; Gerra Gasaway, Elm Grove; Melinda Britton, Flushing; Jessica Coles, Flushing; Trina Pizzola, Flushing; Charles Rudnick, Flushing; Nicole Dunlap, Freeport; Drew Ferrell, Freeport; James Regiec, Glen Easton; Nathan Ramsier, Hagerstown; Sara Morris, Holloway; Kristin Breiding, Jacobsburg; Richard Day, Jacobsburg; Deborah Webb, Jacobsburg

Danielle Palmer, Jerusalem; Kris Stephens, Jerusalem; Regina Winland, Jerusalem; Kaitlyn Houston, Jewett; James Buxton, Kipling; Mark Gerevics, Lansing; Brenda Hindman, Lansing; Daniel Lennex, Lansing; Michelle Biedenbach, Lewisville; Bruce Francis, Lewisville; Clint Tellep, Lore City; Joshua Hossman, Malaga; Alisha Alltop, Martins Ferry; Melissa Alltop, Martins Ferry; Ebony Bowie, Martins Ferry; Faith Butler, Martins Ferry; Stephanie Dolfi, Martins Ferry; Bill Fox, Martins Ferry; Amber Kakascik, Martins Ferry; Sandra Keller, Martins Ferry; Jeffery McGee, Martins Ferry; Chelsea Roth, Martins Ferry; Clarissa Runner, Martins Ferry; Alicia Smith, Martins Ferry; Stephen Splenda, Martins Ferry; Joshua Stevens, Martins Ferry; Robert Slevin, Maynard; Amanda Stoltey, Maynard; Amanda McNickle, McMechen; Christopher Flowers, Moundsville; Janice Frees, Moundsville; Lisa Games, Moundsville; Christopher King, Moundsville; Amanda O’Neil, Moundsville; Eric Regoli, Neffs; Timothy Stanley, Paden City; Mary Royko, Painesville; Margaret Ware, Ponchatoula; Jennifer Bednar, Powhatan Point; Jessica Hartley, Powhatan Point; Marquette Swartz, Powhatan Point; Anna Whittington, Powhatan Point; Colin Beckett, Quaker City; Rikki Erwin, Quaker City; Jon Starr, Quaker City; Penny Westling, Richmond; Kimberly Hawkins, Sabina; Trenton Dennis, Salesville; Daniel Ignatious, Salesville; James Walton, Salesville; Courtney Zink, Salesville; Travis Moore, Sarahsville; Matthew Guthrie, Scio; Robert McKim, Scio; Vince DeBlasis, Shadyside;Taylor Goff, Shadyside; David Haring, Shadyside; Nicholas May, Shadyside; Stephanie VanDerheyden, Shadyside; Denise Melzer, Sherrodsville; Keith Blake, St Clairsville; Joseph Bland, St Clairsville; Elizabeth Dobrich, St Clairsville; Aaron Graham, St Clairsville; Cheryl Howells, St Clairsville; Brian Klatt, St Clairsville; Eric Klein, St Clairsville; Brandy Kubisch, St Clairsville; Krista Lantz, St Clairsville; Brian Lewis, St Clairsville; Kaitlyn Lewis, St Clairsville; Zachary Littman, St Clairsville; Jason Lucas, St Clairsville; Arleen Matusek, St Clairsville; James McMillen, St Clairsville; Brandon Miller, St Clairsville; Deanna Miller, St Clairsville; Christine Pierpoint, St Clairsville; Adam Pinkerton, St Clairsville; Cornelia Pollock, St Clairsville; Kellen Shane, St Clairsville; Scott Tennant, St Clairsville; Charlotte Wilson, St Clairsville; James Yates, St Clairsville; Maryann Bush-Jeter, Steubenville; Maurice Isler, Steubenville; Alisha Nalley, Summerfield; Cynthia Hill-King, Toronto; Randy Sutton, Valley Grove; Amy Threewits, Valley Grove; Alec Mushet, Wellsburg; Douglas Richardson, West Lafayette; Lori Burkhart, Wheeling; Amy Jo Campbell, Wheeling; Tiffany Danhart, Wheeling; Christopher Folmar, Wheeling; Brandon Hillberry, Wheeling; Michelle Morrison, Wheeling; James Smith, Wheeling; Thomas Smith, Wheeling; Aubrielle Strothers, Wheeling; Lin Whipkey, Wheeling; Daniel Fankhauser, Woodsfield; Robert Hall, Woodsfield; Shaun Hayes, Woodsfield; Leann Heavener, Woodsfield; Eric Hopton, Woodsfield; Stephanie Jeffers, Woodsfield; Kane Kuzior, Woodsfield; Kimberly Riggs, Woodsfield; Brandy Stephens, Woodsfield; James Wilson, Woodsfield; Christina Marty, Wooster; Christian Mozie, Yorkville; Edward Mozie, Yorkville; Brian Parsons, Yorkville; Eric Roehling, Zelienople

A nursing graduation was also held on Thursday night, where nearly 80 new nurses received their academic credentials as part of Belmont Technical College’s 2010 Nursing Program graduation ceremony. In the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program, 56 students received their degrees, while another 20 received certificates through the Practical Nursing (PN) program.

ADN graduates include:

Cynthia Hill, Barnesville; Kyle Jones, Barnesville; Amy Nesbitt, Barnesville; Kimberly Nesdore, Barnesville; Kimberly Bell, Beallsville; Chelsea Westfall, Beallsville; Alysha Dunfee, Bellaire; Jenifer Hube, Bellaire; Katie Orlofske, Bellaire; Brandi Unterzuber, Bellaire; Natalie Meyer, Bethesda; Jessica Beal, Bridgeport; Jennifer Schmidt, Bridgeport; Holly Swayngim, Bridgeport; Emily Torielli-Fenley, Cadiz; Ronda Lytsell, Cambridge; Heidi Warren, Cambridge; Darlene Winland, Cambridge; Jackie Schlieper, Cameron; Amanda Amos, Clarington; Amanda Baker, Glencoe; Carrie Keener, Hopedale; Holli Kulow, Hopedale; Kimberly Noble, Jacobsburg; Amy English, Jerusalem; Jennifer Matz, Lafferty; Danielle Weddle, Lewisville; Lori Lowry, Lore City; Theresa Mehler, Morristown; Heather Blake, Moundsville; Gretchen Kidd, Moundsville; Nancy Napolitano, Quaker City; Randall Spratt, Quaker City; Connie Cesario, Rayland; Jessica Toth, Rayland; Christina Brown, Reynoldsburg; Jacki Middaugh, Scio; Kala Bonar, Shadyside; Brandi Jarrett, Shadyside; Lisa Applegarth, St Clairsville; Samantha Cruise, St Clairsville; Andrea Gdula, St Clairsville; Alison Jordan, St Clairsville; Megan McCammon, St Clairsville; Christine Myser, St Clairsville; Samantha White, St Clairsville; Joseph Angelozzi, Tippecanoe; Jonathan Cook, Wheeling; Lisa Klug, Wheeling; Charity Swoyer, Wheeling; Robyn Gallagher, Woodsfield; Marsha Jones, Woodsfield; Kimberly Paradiso, Woodsfield; Angela Weddle, Woodsfield; Amanda Dentz, Yorkville; Jessica Heckathorn, Yorkville

PN graduates include: Jona Smith, Barnesville; Patricia Bailey, Bellaire; Brenda Rushman, Bellaire; Connie Billetter, Belmont; Casandra Frew, Bethesda; Brittney Miller, Bridgeport; Nicole Ott, Cadiz; Erica Frizzi, Columbus; Meganne Cope, Flushing; Casey Smith, Flushing; Kimberly Beach, Freeport; Lisa Bell, Glencoe; Tracy Patterson, Lafferty; Emmett Dalton, Martins Ferry; Jodi Minder-Staley, Martins Ferry; Carl Walker, Martins Ferry; Debra Bertolino, Mt Pleasant; David Toland, Neffs; Jessica Furbee, Old Washington; Sandra Stachyra, St Clairsville

Nursing commencement speaker Staci Butkus provided words of encouragement to the graduating class as she discussed her own career path, which began at BTC. Butkus is currently the risk manager/patient representative at East Ohio Regional Hospital in Martins Ferry, Ohio. She received an ADN from BTC in 1995, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from The Ohio University School of Nursing in 1998 and will graduate from Franciscan University of Steubenville with a Master’s Degree in August specializing as a family nurse practitioner.

“The foundation I gained at BTC has given me the knowledge and confidence I needed to pursue a rewarding career that allows me to help people through some of their most difficult challenges,” Butkus said. “There’s no greater feeling than knowing you made such a difference in someone’s life when they needed you the most.”

The traditional Pinning Ceremony-where newly graduated nurses are welcomed into the profession by faculty and their families and receive their unique BTC School of Nursing commemorative pin-took place on Wednesday for the PN graduates and during the day on Thursday for ADN graduates.

“Despite the tough economy, the healthcare fields remain some of the most in-demand careers, and these students now have the opportunity to pursue a challenging and fulfilling profession,” said Brenda Lohri-Posey, Executive Dean of Academic Affairs and Director of the Nursing Program at BTC. “In many ways, nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system; they play a critical role in delivering skilled as well as compassionate care.”

In addition to the end of the year graduation festivities, the following students were recognized at an awards banquet held May 20:

  • Academic Excellence Awards: Jessica Beckett, Michelle Biedenbach, Joseph Bland, Tracy Cady, Jonathan Cook, Tiffany Danhart, Joseph Dick, Jessica Hartley, Brandon Hillberry, Chelsey Hunkler, Brandy Kubisch, Kane Kuzior, Krista Lantz, Mary Loukinen, Lori Lowry, Cindy Messenger, Brittney Miller, Michael Nickell, Heidi Parsons, Angelia Pirl, Douglas Richardson, Chelsea Roth, James Scherich , Michele Skolmutch, Stephen Splenda, Carl E. Walker and Jennifer Walls.
  • Student Services and Leadership Awards: Connie Ankrom, Andrew Ashland, Keisa Baumberger, Jennifer Bednar, Trevor Bigler, Faith Butler, Brittany Clemens, Joseph Dick, Paul Ferguson, Danielle Ferrell, Ashlei Francis, Sandra Keller, Martha Laurie, Christina Lusk, Ashley McEndree, Lynn Nickle, Melinda Oliver, Mandy O’Neil, Mary Ostrander, Brigette Palmer, Nellie Perkins, Amanda Polomik, Jessica Shaw and Roger Wade.
  • All-Ohio Academic Team: Joseph Dick and Brynn Fox.