Bridgeport appoints police chief

BRIDGEPORT – The Village of Bridgeport officially has a new chief of police, but his face is familiar to residents of the community: Lt. Andrew Klotz, a long-time member of the local department, was appointed to the position of police chief as a result of actions taken at Tuesday’s regular meeting of village council.

Klotz has been serving as the department’s acting chief for some months, and has been a member of the department for six years.

The effort to install Klotz in the post of chief of police came during Tuesday’s meeting when Mayor John J. Callarik told council he was appointing him as the new chief. He brings more than six years of full-time service with Bridgeport’s department to the new job.

A unanimous roll call vote was then recorded, affirming each council member’s individual support for the mayor’s decision to promote Klotz to that position on a permanent basis.

With this change of duties and rank now permanent, council members also acted Tuesday to hire a part-time officer to fill an opening resulting from this and recent changes within the department, including the recent resignation of an officer, a decision prompted by a job offer to pursue employment in another field.

On the recommendation of Klotz, Bridgeport’s mayor asked council to approve hiring Jim Hunt to fill a department vacancy. Council members voted unanimously in support of recommendations from Klotz and Callarik to hire Hunt, who had previously worked on a part-time basis with the department.

The job is expected to be adjusted to a full-time position in the near future.

Hunt’s professional background in law enforcement service covers more than nine years, of which more than six years were as a full-time officer and more than three were on a part-time basis – some of which included previously being employed by the Bridgeport Department.

He also brings more than three years of part-time experience to his new post. Currently he is also a part-time employee of the Bellaire Police Department, and he has previously been employed by the Village of Bridgeport, the Village of Powhatan Point and the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office.

The next regular meeting of the Bridgeport Village Council will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 17 in council chambers at 6 p.m.

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