Appropriations, transfers highlight Harrison agenda

CADIZ Harrison County Commissioners refined some budgetary matters during Wednesday’s meeting.

Commissioners granted a request by Doug Crabtree representing the county engineer’s office to renew the county water license for Piedmont’s water system at a yearly cost of $176. Cost has remained the same since the county took over management.

Commissioners also granted a request from Scott Blackburn, director of Harrison County Department of Job and Family Services, for appropriations of $50,000 from purchased service to fringes; $15,000 from purchases service to expenses; and $5,000 from purchased service to fringes.

Commission approved transfer of $6,000 from transfers to recorder’s special fund; $5,000 from contract utilities to assigned counsel; $1,500 from contract utilities to examinations; $1,700 from contingencies to Board of Elections supplies.

For Rural Transit, commission approved transfer of $1,768.90 and $3,348.56 into the retirement fund; $816.36 into Medicare fund; $3,000 into the B10 fund; $857.79, $51.88, $49.61 and $1,348.85 into Payroll Fund; $1,690.09 into vehicle repair fund.

For clerk of courts, commission approved transfer of $8,000 to salaries and $2,000 to contracts and repairs.

For the health department, commission adjusted appropriations minus $5,217.58 to supplies; $2,500 to equipment; $1,784.62 to contract services; minus $1,300 to mileage/expenses; $1,683.20 to workers compensation; $250 to state fees; minus $947.13 to contingencies; minus $500 to health insurance.

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