Adena talks streets, looks to spring projects

ADENA – Improvements to the streets and future plans for after winter led the discussion during Adena council’s meeting Tuesday night.

Councilwoman Brenda Roski inquired if any progress had been made on an alternate access for residents of Robyville. Mayor Ray Jeskey said they were still looking into possibilities.

Roski then noted several complaints concerning an ally between Lyons and East streets. The street has no drainage and recent paving had made it a sliding board for water. Councilwoman Billie Stanwick added that it must be graded, since it is higher than some yards alongside it and so is a cause of flooding.

Councilman Jim Horton noted that the county engineer had done a study of the area and provided an estimate of $407,000 in repairs. Horton added that $10,000 had been invested in that area already. Jeskey said the problem might be solved by placing culverts in order to divert water to the creek. The project will have to wait until the weather improves.

In addition, council noted a sewer line was broken on Elm Street when the village installed a pipe. It will be looked into.

Also, repairs to the sidewalks and railings of the bridge are complete. Work on the approaches will begin when the weather improves.

In other matters, J&J Refuse was awarded the bid of garbage collection in the village after their offer of $10.43 per month for collection in 2011, with an option of large-size trash can for an extra $2.50. 2012 rates will depend on the consumer index at a cap of $1.

Water has been turned off for the community building.

Regarding the park and greens, Jeskey noted the Adena Baseball League was working on drainage for the boys’ softball field. Village employees will keep the grass cut.

Also, 10 new Christmas lights have been installed. Council thanks Darrin Young, owner of D&E Electric for his donation of time, materials and labor. Thanks also went to Councilwoman Stanwick for her efforts.

During the next holiday season council may contribute to a first, second and third place award for best decorated house.

Also, Councilwoman Bobbie Gaffney suggested moving the recycling center from behind the community center. Horton suggested moving it to the bank near the girls’ softball field.

Council noted there have been no accidents due to the winter weather. Employees will continue ensuring the streets are cleared in the mornings.

In other business,

  • Adena will continue to apply for Issue 2 and Community Development Block Grant funding.
  • Police reports noted a possible breaking and entering at a garage.
  • Adena recently purchased three truckloads of salt and cinders for $,1400 from the county.
  • Council offered condolences to Councilwoman Carol Bednar, who recently suffered a loss in her family.

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