Progress Edition publication hits the street Tuesday

MARTINS FERRY – The Times Leader this week will begin publishing its special sections focusing on the state of the Ohio Valley as it relates to the local industries, educational opportunities, health care services, the local economy and area communities.

This year the theme for the Progress Edition is “The State of the Ohio Valley.”

The nation is still facing challenges as the economy struggles to climb out of the recent recession. Local, state and federal governments are now facing monumental budget crunches, and as a result, our local schools, hospitals, businesses and government entities have been forced to tackle these and many other challenges head-on. Issues such as health care reform and environmental concerns have also been brought to the forefront, and all these matters will have significant impacts on our nation, our local communities and our future.

Our special sections take a closer look at what is being done to succeed in the face of today’s most pressing issues.

In Tuesday’s edition of The Times Leader, you will find the first special section: Industry and Energy. These sections explore how local industries are faring today and what their future holds in the face of the present economy and the changing landscape of government.

On Wednesday, we will publish two more sections: Education and Health Care. These sections take a closer look at many complex issues facing our local schools – from public schools to local institutions – and the local health care industry, focusing on efforts being made to raise the quality of care – and quality of life – for the citizens of the area.

Our 2011 Progress Edition series concludes on Thursday with the publication of the Economy and Communities sections, which examine the state of the local economy, area businesses, and events and organizations that define our local community and contribute to its unique character.

This year’s special sections were again produced through combined efforts of staff members from The Times Leader and The Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register, in addition to other local contributors. The Times Leader has published its annual “Progress Edition” for decades, striving to capture the community’s ever-changing social landscapes and document the collective push to bring improvements to the community in every area. The publication has received honors by the Associated Press Society of Ohio in recent years, finishing as a top-ranking special section in the annual Ohio newspaper competition.

Each year, the newspaper’s staff works diligently to bring it all to light in a comprehensive and entertaining package that the readers of The Times Leader will enjoy.

We hope you enjoy this year’s Progress Edition, and we hope it brings a clearer focus on the state of the Ohio Valley today.

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