Books-A-Million coming to Ohio Valley Mall

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – The Ohio Valley Mall won’t be without a bookstore for long.

On Monday, it was announced that Books-A-Million will be taking the place of Waldenbooks, which will be closing as a result of liquidation of it’s parent company, Borders Group, Inc.

Last week, it was announced that a total of 642 Borders-owned stores are closing as a result of the company’s bankruptcy and liquidation. These closures include the store at the mall that had been there since it opened in October 1978.

George Diab, general manager of the Ohio Valley Mall, said the mall was fortunate to be gaining a new books store so quickly.

“We’ve got Books-A-Million coming in to take over very shortly after Walden’s closes,” said Diab. “We are very happy and excited about that, and we’re sure it will be a success.”

The new store at the Ohio Valley Mall will occupy the current 3,300-square-foot spot that is currently being used by Waldenbooks.

According to Joe Bell, director of corporate communications at the mall’s parent company – the Cafaro Company, Books-A-Million will be a good fit for the Ohio Valley Mall and has an expansive collection of books, magazines, bargain books, collectible supplies, cards and gifts.

“Borders kind of pioneered the big mega book store format, and it wasn’t always necessary in a lot of places,” Bell said. “Books-A-Million actually downsized itself and realized it could do better with a smaller retail space, and it’s a perfect fit for where the Waldensbooks space is. They are happy to moving into the Ohio Valley Mall and several other malls we own where Borders has a presents.”

Along with stocking the selves with books, Bell said Books-A-Million also features specialty shops, like the Testaments Shoppe that features references and writing for the Christian market. He said he expects there to be a Joe Muggs Cafe, with its full line of coffee, espresso, gourmet tea, desserts and brewing supplies.

“They have a pretty good plan they’ve been working with across the county, and it’s fortunate that we found a good quality book seller like Books-A-Million, because they are able to move into a space relatively quickly. If they don’t have to do a lot of retrofitting, they can probably be open within 30 days or so after the closing of (Waldensbooks).”

Books-A-Million, the nations third largest book retailer, presently operates more than 200 location in 23 states and the District of Columbia.

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