Nasty water

BARNESVILLE-Residents’ complaints of bad tasting water and water with a bad odor were addressed at the Barnesville Village Council meeting Monday night.

Council authorized Mayor Thomas Michelli to contract with a vendor right away to replace a filter at the water treatment plant that should alleviate the problem. Though the water is currently safe to drink, the town will be correcting the problem to ease any health and safety concerns. The initial estimated expense for the project is between $50,000 and $60,000, but council is hoping the estimate is high.

Council also approved the lowest bid of three for the storm sewer relining project. A bid of $37,340 was accepted from United Survey of Cleveland, a company that provided satisfactory work for the town previously.

Randy Wolfe, a resident on Railroad Street, asked council members to consider reducing the speed limit on Railroad St. from 35 to 25 miles per hour. He cited that the street has become more residential, and neighbors use the street for jogging, biking and walking. They are concerned about the safety of elderly residents and other residents with special needs. Councilman Dale Bunting said members would discuss and consider his request.

Barnesville Fire Department will be receiving $28,500 in Community Development Block Grant funds through Belmont County and will be purchasing a vehicle with it. Police Chief Dave Norris told council that a patrol officer has resigned from the Barnesville Police Department.He requested approval for placing an advertisement to fill the position, which council granted.

The First Presbyterian Church sent a thank you letter to the village for storage space for roof tiles during their roof replacement project.

The Mayor’s Court fees for June totaled $2718 of which $1617 goes to the town. Council voted to approve membership dues to the Ohio Mayors Association. The mayor’s appointment of Linda Mayberry to the Historical Review Board was also approved.

Interim Fiscal Officer Marie McCrate informed council of a notice that hospital and medical insurance rates will increase by 2.3 percent next year. Overall, she felt that this was a small increase comparatively, saying that the cost to the village and employees will be minimal. Council voted to continue with the insurance.

Mayor Michelli noted that a representative from Wells Fargo Insurance contacted the village about a new quote. Council agreed to review a quote from the agent.

McCrate told council that she paid previously approved taxes and utilities totaling $8238.01, and members voted to approv an ordinance for $59,437.42 and the June financial reports.Council approved the 2012 budget as presented and authorized McCrate to present it to the County Budget Commission. They also approved payment of two additional invoices totaling $153.15 to Thompson Emergency Medical Solutions, allowing Chief Bob Smith to close out a grant.

Members approved the following building permits: John R. Jeffries, 129 Locust St. for a deck; Lucas, 250-252 S. Broadway for a new roof; Elizabeth Wilson, 148 E. Walnut, for siding; Chester Kinney, Jr., 208 E. Walnut, for rolled roofing to metal.

The Mighty Mite tournament will be at Memorial Park the weekend of July 22.

Council will be interviewing candidates for the position of fiscal officer beginning at 6 p.m. today. Interviews will be held in executive session.

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