General election races taking shape

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Several contested races will be determined in Belmont County this November, as candidates seeking municipal, township and school board seats have filed petitions to place their names on the general election ballots.

Following Wednesday’s filing deadline, the Belmont County Board of Elections on Thursday released a lengthy list of candidates who filed for the general election. The board will review the petitions in the coming weeks and will finalize the ballots for the fall election at a later date.

In the city of St. Clairsville, longtime Mayor Robert Vincenzo will be facing opposition from former councilman Tim Porter and Randy Mellott in a mayoral race. Candidates filing for council at large in St. Clairsville include Libby Heintzelman, Perry Jones, Michael Kasper and James Weisgerber.

Two candidates have filed in the mayoral race for the village of Bethesda. Scott Blake and Martin Lucas are both seeking votes in the race for the mayor’s seat in Bethesda.

The village of Brookeside has Roger Stewart and Robert Weaver seeking council seats.

A three-way race for the mayor’s seat is taking shape in the village of Flushing, where Barbara Bashline, Theresa Richards and Eric Thatcher have filed for candidacy. Carl Bober Jr., Charles Campanizzi, David Richards and William Twarog have filed in the Flushing Village Council race.

In Holloway, Susan Pelkowski and Joseph Schaeffer have filed in the mayoral race, and Johanna Neilson and Deanna Renee Yoho have petitioned for candidacy in the Holloway Village Council race.

Morristown Village Council candidates include Lois Barr, Angela Wines and Robert Harlan Thomas.

Powhatan Village Council’s race for council seats includes Joseph Asturi, H. Brady Dierkes and David Walters, who all filed for candidacy, as has Benjamin Alan Duvall and Frank Leopold in the board of public affairs race.

Several individuals have also filed for candidacy in local school board races in Belmont County.

In Barnesville, Donald Carpenter, Marilynn Lucas and Joshua Moore are seeking seats on the board of education for the Barnesville Exempted Village School District.

The Bellaire Local School District has Ronnie Marling and Thomas Rataiczak seeking seats.

For seats on the Bridgeport Exempted Village School District board of education, Jerry E. Moore, Michael McGrath and John Talik have filed for candidacy.

In Martins Ferry, Dorothy Powell and Nick Stankovich are seeking seats on the board of education in the Martins Ferry City School District.

The Shadyside Local School District’s race for seats on the board of education has Philip Douglas Campbell, Dominic B. DeFelice, Eric Gartner and Donna L. Joseph filing for candidacy.

Two candidates in the Union Local School District – Fred Dean Lancaster of Flushing and Terry Puperi of Belmont – have filed in the school board race.

Candidates have also filed in various township races in Belmont County.

In Colerain Township, Wilson Sayre Adams Jr. of Dillonvale and Dennis E. Morrison of Bridgeport have filed in the township trustee’s race, and in the race for Colerain Township fiscal officer, Vince Gianageli of Colerain, Ralph Edwin King of Bridgeport and Angel Renee Neal of St. Clairsville have filed.

The Flushing Township trustee’s race has Victor A. Dymindowski, John P. Howell and Tillison E. Stewart Jr., all of Flushing, seeking seats.

Goshen Township has Clesson Swallie and Shawn Matthew Thompson, both of Belmont, in the trustee’s race, and Douglas Eric Kemp and Teresa A. Schafer, both of Bethesda, in the township fiscal officer’s race.

In Pease Township, Joseph M. Callarik, Robert G. Dalton and Roger Lee Weaver, all of Martins Ferry, have filed for candidacy in the township trustee’s race. Janice L. Bell of Yorkville and Steven T. Dulesky of Bridgeport are seeking the position of Pease Township fiscal officer.

The Pultney Township trustee’s race has Mark Agenlo Cervelli and Richard D. Vannelle II, both of Bellaire, filing for candidacy.

Richland Township’s trustee’s race has James Scott Carnes, Rick Ferrell and Greg Reline, all of St. Clairsville, seeking seats. Cindi L. Henry and Jack Ralson, both of St. Clairsville, have filed in the race for Richland Township fiscal officer.

In Smith Township, Stephen R. Baker of Belmont and Ronald Duvall of Jacobsburgh are running in the township trustee’s race.

Somerset Township’s race for trustee’s seats has Charles W. Dunfee and J. Dean Winland, both of Barnesville, seeking candidacy.

In Union Township, Shane Kildow, Philip Pabin and Kenneth Pubal, all of Belmont, and John Spiga Jr. of Flushing, are seeking a seat on the board of trustees.

Warren Township’s trustee’s race has Russell R. Barker and Thomas L. Householder, both of Barnesville, filing for candidacy to fill an unexpired term, and James Carl Chappell, Martin D. (David) Hissom and Thomas E. Michelli, all of Barnesville, seeking full terms as trustee. Nancy Detling, Kent Gallagher and Amy Jackson, all of Barnesville, have filed for candidacy in the race for Warren Township fiscal officer.

In Wheeling Township, Jeffrey Azallion, Kimberly Ann Snyder and Christopher Walisiak, all of St. Clairsville, have filed for candidacy in the township trustee’s race.

Several other candidates have filed for various offices in township races, and are running unopposed.

Ohio’s general election will take place Nov. 8.

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