City of Martins Ferry updates its Web site

MARTINS FERRY For years, citizens of Martins Ferry have been hearing from city officials that a Web site for the city soon would be available.

There actually is one already, although it’s content is severely lacking. It’s located at and lists some basic information about the town and that’s about it.

It’s not quite what was originally foretold at various council meetings and it’s a far cry from useful when promoting the city.

But that all is about to change according to Mayor Paul Riethmiller and members of the city’s council and administration.

Riethmiller announced previously that a Web site committee consisting of Councilmen Chris Cleary, Bob Krajnyak and Supervisor of Development Kathy Gagin has been tasked with getting the city’s site up and running.

The current site went live roughly around Sept. 2010 with no major changes.

The new version of the city’s site will be far more detailed. And according to Riethmiller, it needs to be.

Riethmiller told council that, in particular, when oil and gas companies and their employees come into town, they are naturally on the hunt for various goods and services. Primarily, they are looking to city Web sites as one-stop fact finding destinations.

This is what Riethmiller said he discovered after listening to a gentleman speak about that very subject during a meeting at the Martins Ferry Chamber of Commerce.

The mayor encouraged every business in town to get a quality site up and running and get the information to the city building to be included as a link on the city’s page.

“We want to promote our work force, our businesses here, schools, churches, everything,” Gagin said. “It will give them the essence of what our community is and why they would want to come here to stay.

“People who are looking to move here want to know about good schools, community projects. They want to see what there is to do here.

“All of those things play into the (site).”

The site will have updated information on city administration and leaders, including contact information. Each department of the city will be profiled. The city’s activities and the Martins Ferry School District will be highlighted.

City businesses will be listed and Gagin wants to include all of the available property for sale or lease within the city limits both commercial and private.

“Whether we’re able to do it or not, I want to be able to provide a link to all available properties, both for sale and rent,” Gagin said. “A lot of people are looking for rental units in Ferry, as well as private property for sale, both for housing and development.”

One thing lacking the Ohio Valley is a Web site with a detailed listing of all available apartments locally, both in Martins Ferry and on a larger, regional scale.

This could be beneficial for any people from outside the area looking to move to the Ohio Valley for jobs, especially once the full impact of the shale and gas boom is realized.

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