Four-year-old stabbed, Ferry man is arrested

A MARTINS Ferry was arrested today by Ferry police after he allegedly stabbed a 4-year old boy following a night of drinking.

George Pyles III, 27, of 220 N. 7th St., is being held in the Belmont County Jail on charges of felonious assault, aggravated assault, contempt and three counts of failure to appear. No bond has been set.

According to information from the police, dispatch received calls for emergency medical assistance regarding a 4-year-old boy who received a stab injury to his leg along with a report of a fight between males outside the Jaycee Manor Apartment building.

Officers responded to find the suspect, George Pyles, being detained in the parking lot. He was bleeding heavily from his right hand. Officers talked with two males who had been with Pyles. The two stated the three of them had been drinking together when Pyles kept attempting to pick fights with them. After a brief altercation, Pyles seemed to have calmed down and was taken into the apartment, treated for his injuries and was allowed to sleep at the apartment.

The two men claim they were discussing what to do with the belligerent Pyles who seemed to have fallen asleep, when water was heard running in the kitchen.

When the men opened the door, they claimed Pyles was attempting to clean blood from the floor with the child shaking frantically in the rear bedroom. Pyles said the child had been cut, but gave no details.

The men discovered the cut to be a stab wound, and Pyles took flight out the front door. The two men worked to contain Pyles until police arrived on the scene.

Pyles was discovered to have a large folding knife in his possession with blood stains on the blade. Pyles admitted that he awoke with inentions on attacking the boy’s father and when he realized no one was in the living room, he attacked the four year old on the floor that he believed to be the boy’s father. In doing so, Pyles stabbed the child in the right calve, causing a deep laceration.

The child was taken to Wheeling Hospital and treated for his injuries.