Monroe County officials ponder grant proposals

WOODSFIELD – Projects proposed for Neighborhood Revitalization Grant funds in Monroe County have been announced.

The county commissioners are studying the projects submitted, and they plan to make a decision designating one investment area during a public hearing Feb. 27. Their choice then will be submitted to the Ohio Department of Development for its consideration.

Listed as eligible investment areas are Bethel Township, Green Township, Perry Township, Summit Township including the village of Lewisville and Washington Township including the village of Graysville.

Bethel Township officials proposed several projects including a new brush truck for fire protection, catch basins/culvert for drainage in the parking lot at the community center, sidewalks at the community center, slip repair on Bethel Township 289 including two miles of paving and guardrails, roof repair and porch replacements at the community center, resealing and paving the parking lot at the community center and a waterline extension project either to Sycamore Valley or to the community center.

In Green Township, culverts are proposed as well as 200 linear feet of sidewalks in Laings; road slip repairs and guardrails on Green Township 471, 472 and 505 in connection with a wash-out; and roof repair, window replacements, replacing two entrance doors and retiling the floor at the community center.

Perry Township officials are seeking funds for turnout gear, a fire truck and an addition to the fire station for an emergency squad bay; signage, guardrail, slip repairs and 1,300 feet of paving; paving of the fire station parking lot and playground equipment.

Proposed projects for Summit Township including the village of Lewisville are 20 sets of turnout gear; culverts in the township and a 48-inch culvert at the ballfield; signage in the township and paving of three streets in the village; back-up generator, masonry work, restroom renovations and exterior lighting at the community center; paved parking at the fill station and community center; bleachers at the ballfield and playground area and a waterline extension to the fire station.

In Washington Township including the village of Graysville, the projects proposed are 16 sets of brushfire gear and a back-up generator for fire protection; culverts; paving of Monroe 13 (Long Run Road); plaster repair/painting at the community center; paving the driveway and parking lot by the firehouse, community center and water station; walking trail near the community center, concrete turning area and concrete pads for three campsites at the Knowlton Covered Bridge park; and replacement of windows, doors, vinyl siding and gutters on the town hall. (The town hall project, however, is ineligible as the only improvements that can be made to a government building such a town hall are to make it handicapped accessible.)

Two public hearings are required for Neighborhood Revitalization Grant programs, and the first was held Feb. 13 with the second planned Feb. 27 at 10:30 a.m.

The maximum grant amount for the entity selected as the recipient is $300,000.

Eligible activities in the program are fire protection facilities and equipment, flood and drainage facilities, sidewalk improvements, street improvements, neighborhood facilities, parking facilities. parks and recreational facilities, public rehabilitation, water and sewer facilities as well as general administration.

To be competitive, the application must have a minimum of five activities included in the application.

This program formerly was known as the Community Distress Grant. Monroe County recipients in the past have been Lee Township, Fiscal Year 2010; Summit Township including the village of Lewisville, FY 2008; Woodsfield, FY 2006; Bethel Township, FY 2005; and Perry Township, FY 2003.