Powhatan looks to revitalize town

POWHATAN – Citizens came together for the first meeting of the Powhatan Point Revitalization Association (PPRA). The meeting was held on April 1, at the Masonic Temple.

The main focus of the meeting was to install officers and board members in their elected posts. The elected individuals represent business and property owners and those with interest in art and developing the area more.

The following were elected: President, Roberta Hendershot; Vice President, Roger Burgess; Treasure, Dorothy Milton.

Among those who were elected to the Board of Directors was Larry Bayless, Marvin Brown, Jim Jack, Carolyn Rutter, Randy Sission and Theresa Stillion.

“Everybody is very excited,” said Michael Stora, who was named the Business Manager and Board Secretary.

The Powhatan Point Revitalization Association will be working with the Powhatan City Council, who will approve the Town Resident, which will be nominated by Mayor Mark McVey.

Within the PPRA, there are four committees formed to work on individual projects:

  • the reuse of the Powhatan Elementary School building;
  • promoting Powhatan as a destination area to visit and bring in tourism;
  • develop the downtown area;
  • and support the development of oil and gas in the area.

Many of the PPRA’s objectives want to develop Powhatan and bring revenue back to the area.

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