Bridgeport to relocate bridge railing

BRIDGEPORT – The end of a controversy surrounding the placement of a section of the salvaged and refurbished section of railing from the former Bridgeport Bridge will soon come to an amicable conclusion.

The section of bright blue steel railing will soon be moved a few feet north of its current placement in the village’s Monument Square.

Members of local veterans’ organizations had expressed concern about the railing being placed just a few feet away from the nearly 100-year-old statue of a World War I soldier, noting that a distance of approximately 10 feet is considered by many to be hallowed ground and the railing’s placement did not allow for that image of respect for the sacrifices and commitments the statue and other military elements grouped there are considered to represent.

Chamber members and representatives of local veterans groups had been slated to meet to discuss the matter following last month’s village council meeting.

The railing will be moved to a position in that same grouping of elements highlighting connections to village history, but it will be situated next to an historic set of wooden stairs, according to Rick Kolb, of the Eagles and the chamber.

In an unrelated matter, Police Chief Andy Klotz presented a plaque of appreciation to local business owner Ron Naylor of Naylor Brothers Towing for his recent donations to the village department which have funded various purchases of security technologies for the department.

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