Lynn-Hunkler Park to receive facelift

MORRISTOWN-Improvements to Lynn-Hunkler Memorial Park will continue with a work day scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 8.

Volunteers will be at the front of the park working on the entrance columns and gates. Mayor Gordon Price said that they will be ordering plaques to place at the entrance, also.

Council member Pamela McCort added that the Morristown Historic Preservation Association will be contracting with Ponzani Landscaping to install the flagpole at the Veterans Memorial Wall. The committee opted for a “low to no maintenance” landscape plan for simplicity and should have the project completed before Veterans Day.

McCort said she is also meeting with ODOT to discuss the placement of the historic marker about the construction of National Road near the town entrance.

After meeting with Belmont County Auditor Andy Sutak, Treasurer Cheryl Borkoski said the village budget for 2013 has been approved for $19,000 and includes a 50 percent cut in state funding. Many Ohio villages are facing the same cuts this year, and Mayor Price is planning to travel to Columbus with a local contingent to discuss the situation with the governor’s office. Because of the severe cuts, council members are weighing the possibility of utilizing more volunteers for certain services.

Bethesda Police Chief Jeremy Campbell approached the mayor about joint police coverage for Bethesda, Belmont and Morristown.

Councilman Robert Thomas added that Union Local Superintendent H. Kirk Glasgow talked to Thomas about sharing a police officer with Union Township who could also serve as a school resource officer at Union Local. Thomas suggested that the five entities might be able to split costs and pay for an additional officer. Taking part in the new service with Bethesda would create some initial start-up costs for the Mayor’s Court program, but might bring income into the village.

Richards Cable Television has notified the village that they will no longer be providing cable service to the Morristown area after October 15. In a letter to the village the company suggests that customers use a local digital box or subscribe to satellite service as of that date.

Judy Bonifield, council member and planning committee chair, distributed the first draft of the new planning and zoning code to council. She asked that they review it for September’s meeting.

There have been two prospective buyers looking at the school building, but one is no longer interested. The village is still waiting on the formal building appraisal. Real Life Community Fellowship made a donation of $100 to the town for use of the school building for their vacation Bible school.

Mayor Gordon and council members are urging residents to be aware of their neighbors after a recent tragedy. An elderly, reclusive woman passed away in her home and was not found for several days. Members ask that neighbors check on elderly or single neighbors every couple of days especially in the extreme hot and cold temperatures.

The next Morristown village council meeting is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 10 at 6 p.m.

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