OR&W Fire District taking shape

SHADYSIDE The stage is set for the Ohio River & Western Fire District’s official formation this fall, depending on the outcome of a 4-mill operating levy vote for the district.

Fire Chief Dave Lenz and his department members have worked to spread the word around town and solicit feedback from residents of both the village of Shadyside and Mead Township.

Now, the OR&W Fire Board has established an official information meeting date with residents to discuss the levy at length.

Lenz told Shadyside Village Council during its meeting Monday that the informational presentation will take place Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 7 p.m. inside the village’s fire station on Central Avenue.

“We’re inviting the village and township residents,” Lenz stated. “We want to explain about the fire district and the levy at that meeting and answer any questions pertaining to both.”

Lenz admitted this may not be the lone meeting, depending on the turnout, at the station. A meeting will also be held for Mead Township residents specifically.

The chief also plans to speak at the council of churches, as well as the Masonic Lodge, to further aint insight into the feelings of the public in regard to the district.

The next regular meeting of the OR&W Fire District Board is set for Oct. 8 at 6 p.m. Inside the fire station.

“We just need to get the word out and that’s what we are going to do at the meeting.”

Pat Heller from the Shadyside Chamber of Commerce broached council about seeking its assistance in sponsoring an event during the village’s upcoming centennial celebration.

“We’ve been working hard to get everything ready and just wondered, since it’s the village’s celebration, if you would like to sponsor something,” Heller began. “We’ve been getting some donations in. However, we have a little train that is coming that we’d like you to sponsor. It’s $700. If you could sponsor it, then all the kids could ride for free and no one would have to pay a thing.”

Council members seemed receptive, but deferred to finance officer Jerryl McGaffick as to the legality of such a move.

McGaffick said she was unsure, but didn’t believe the village would be allowed to do as Heller requested. She would check and get back with her.

Councilmen John Tipton asked Heller about the status and cost of the planned fireworks display for the celebration.

Heller responded that the cost is roughly $5,000 for the fireworks, but through donations and fundraisers, the fireworks will be covered.

However, Heller added that “We have other stuff we’re paying for music, a team of mules with a wagon to come in, different thing. We’re not trying to ask for any big amount of money. If everyone pitches in, I think we’ll be ok.”

Council motioned 4-0 for the police department to go ahead with accepting a bid from Key Chrysler Dodge out of Xenia, Ohio for the village’s new police cruiser.

Key had the lowest bid, $22,989 for a new Dodge Charger. The next closest bid was nearly $26,000.

Police Chief Rusty Patt explained the majority of equipment off the current cruiser can be transferred to the Charger to save on costs.

The lone expense may be replacing the light bar.

However, since the village allows the use of its Expedition during Jamboree in the Hills each year, a sum of funding is available to assist in this purchase, which will be covered.

Patt explained the village receives between $800-$1,400 each summer for use of the vehicle during Jamboree weekend.

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