Bellaire paving advances

BELLAIRE Village Council met for a special session Thursday evening with the subject of street paving the lone area of discussion.

The meeting last only 15 minutes, but council passed a pair of resolutions in order to move forward with the pursuit of funding to assist in a street paving project.

A vote of 6-0 waved the 72-hour rule, allowing the first of the two, Resolution 987, to be heard.

The resolution, if passed, authorized engineer Jeff Vaughn of Vaughn, Coast and Vaughn to prepare and submit an application on behalf of the village to participate in Ohio Public Works Commission state capital improvement and/or local transportation improvement programs.

It also gives Vaughn the ability to execute contracts as required. Vaughn will have the authority to enter into any agreements as may be necessary for obtaining the financial assistance.

After a motion to wave the second and third readings was approved, Councilman Jim Williams motioned to pass the resolution. His motion carried 6-0.

The second resolution, 988, was similar in its scope. The main difference is it gave Mayor Vince DiFabrizio the same leeway, allowing the mayor the ability to sign and submit an application to OWPC or local programs in order to obtain funding for the 2012 street paving project.

No council members nor the mayor divulged what streets were on the targeted list, likely waiting until a funding amount was secured before narrowing the list.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting takes place Thursday, Oct. 4 at 6 p.m. Inside council chambers.

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