Belmont County Fair pushes on

Rain boots umbrellas and hoodies were on the list today for those participating and enjoying the Belmont county fair.

The falling rain left roads, fields and walk ways wet and muddy though it did slow down those chose to participate. Kids and adults that have brought livestock out could be seen in the rain preparing the livestock, hidden under umbrellas and raincoats, though the cows didn’t seem to mind.

“(The rain) has slowed attendance down at little bit, but as far as the events, they are still running,” said Gerry Campbell, president of the fair board. “The motor cross is still running, we gave them the option to cancel the race or run it. They are loving every minute (of the mud).”

The biggest event on today’s agenda at the Belmont county fair include the motocross, who much like the cows, didn’t mind the rain and mud.

“Motocross is a big thing this morning and the guys like it wet,” said Becky Selmon, fair director. “The rain might hinder the little guys, but the pony pulls will go on as schedule, since there isn’t any lightning.”

The motor cross was added to the fairs agenda three years and has been very successful since.

“It’s been great. It’s been a huge asset to the fair board,” said Campbell. “We were looking at different ways to bring revenue into the fair grounds and to the fair board. We had this open field we were doing nothing with, so we just built a motor cross track.”

The fairboard follows the American Motorcyclist Association rules and regulations for classes and races.

“The fair has been great so far this year,” said Campbell. “This is probably our best year out here in the three years we have been here. Today is the first day we’ve had rain … We’ve had a real good week up until today.”

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