Belmont motorists report tar problems

THERE WERE numerous problems reported Wednesday on Belmont County Road 10, which stretches from Flushing to Lafferty, causing some major issues for drivers.

County Engineer Fred F. Bennett said a private contractor hired by the Oxford Mining Co., tarred and chipped the road on Tuesday. The results, however, were not so good.

Many residents have been calling Belmont County officials after they began to notice the tar from the road sticking to their cars.

A Lafferty woman said the road is covered with tar, the driveway is covered with it and soon her carpets are going to be covered.

One man tried to describe what it was like to drive down the road on Wednesday evening. He said he was just driving down the road and tar was coming up everywhere, and it was like he was on ice.

The county had a number of trucks out Wednesday night, throwing down more stone and putting up signs to warn drivers.

Bennett said the county is working to fix the problem, but no one is sure how it got so bad. He said Oxford Mining has been contacted but no word has been received from them.