Easement agreement nets Harrison $512K

CADIZ Harrison County commissioners held a special meeting Friday to sign agreements for pipeline easements with MarkWest. Nate Laps, Land Agent for MarkWest Midstream & resources LLC showed commissioners and citizens in attendance the proposed routes for the pipelines for natural gas gathering and transmission operations which will connect with the Harrison County fractionator under construction in the industrial park to area wells and markets for finished product.

Commissioners signed an easement granting permission for a gas pipeline to be run across the county property. The easement represents the next stage in the shale gas play under way in the county as drilling gets underway.

The first agreement singed was for the lease of a 75 foot right of way for a single supply line coming from east of the industrial park passing through the County Home property. The second was to facilitate the four pipelines which will pass through the county property in the industrial park.

Laps stated that easement would be 200 feet wide and eventually would contain a fifth pipeline. Markwest is paying the county $30 per foot for the first line and $15 per foot for each additional line in the bundle. The two right of way agreements will bring $512,000.00 in revenue to the county. The money will be issued to the county prior to the construction beginning on the project.

Asked about any smell or noise that would be associated with the fractionator plant he assured that the compressor stations will be insulated to prevent sound from escaping, “As a result it will be very quiet, it will be no louder than conversation and there will be little or no smell from the process so you really will not notice it if you can not see it.”

Asked about the safety of residents Laps replied that the proposed right of way for the pipeline on the County Home property will be over 1000 feet from the facility and will pose no problems or danger for residents. Commissioner Bill Host stated that the easement is on the other end of the farm in Archer Township. MarkWest will also be making every effort to work with farmers leasing the property to replace pasture damaged during the construction.

“I would like to thank MarkWest for their fairness in dealing with us,” said commissioner Don Bethel. “In reality they are coming here and spending ahuge amount of money and they are going to be here employing people for the next 30 years.”

While these other companies are just coming in and laying some pipeline, they may be treated differently than we would treat MarkWest,” Bethel stated.

“They (MarkWest) could have told us look, if you don’t deal with us and sign this then we may leave and not build, we commend them for being very fair.”

“It has been a very good working relationship,” said commissioner Barbara Pincola.

“The production from these wells is significant and we anticipate these pipelines will facilitate land owners with leases to collect royalties off of that production,” said Laps.