New Mingo steel company taking shape

There is a new steel company getting ready to do business in the area, one that some day may well be said to have had a connection to the ancient Phoenix – a mythical creature that is periodically reborn amidst fire and ashes – rising up with a renewed sense of life from among the remains of its former self.

The new company is Mingo Junction Steel Works, LLC.

While the former owner of the steel works, RG Mingo Junction LLC is no more, it seems the facility’s new owners are not only looking to make good on an earlier statement they are interested in seeing a part of the mill returned to production, but are also more than interested in considering making employment offers to some individuals that were standouts among the ranks of the previous workforce.

Mingo Junction Steel Works, LLC is the name chosen and now on record in federal bankruptcy court as the new commercial identity for the complex as owner Frontier Industrial Corporation continues to dedicate another two to three months in a focused effort to return steel production to a part of the facility.

Comments made Tuesday by Frontier Vice President Craig Slater to a reporter with industry insider publication American Metal Market reiterated comments he made to The Times Leader during a phone interview which followed directly on the heels of a chance meeting he had with steelworkers who had traveled to be in the bankruptcy court to be there when the auction results were being discussed in open court.

“We are seriously considering operating this facility again. We are talking to a number of folks, a number of capital funds, about restarting this facility,” Slater said in an interview with AMM reporter Chris Prentice published Tuesday.

Slater referred by name specifically to former chief operating officer Mark Whalen as a likely consideration to play a lead role there if Frontier does actually decide to restart the steelmaking side of operations at the Mingo Junction mill and moves to bring former RG personnel back into the mix.

He also offered that the slag recycling aspect of the business and the cogeneration facilities would likely “come back to life” regardless what direction is actually realized for the other assets at the Mingo Junction works.

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