Powhatan Point parking spurs discussion

POWHATAN POINT – Vehicles parking on the football field and marina recently were discussed by Powhatan Village Council members, who also accepted applicants for the volunteer fire department and emergency squad.

Tempers of a few council members were close to the surface as reports were heard during council’s first meeting of September that vehicles are parking inside the gates at the football field as well as on the grass at the marina. Parking on the field was discussed at prior meetings, and police were told to ticket the offending vehicles.

According to one report, some vehicles are entering the field from the back side, while others enter through the front gate on Mellott Street. Councilman Brady Dierkes indicated the back (north) side of the field will be blocked off. It was noted by Councilman Rob Caldwell that the front drive-through gate is not supposed to be opened.

Council agreed at earlier meetings that a vehicle may enter the field if there is something to load or unload for the games; however, they are not to remain parked on the field.

It was reported that a large number of vehicles were parked in the marina for a recent Youth Football game. According to discussion, many were parked on the grass. “That’s very disrespectful of the marina!” said Councilman Jerry Binni. Binni said individuals, some of whom refused to move off the grass when asked, may feel differently when they find tickets on their windshields. Signage was discussed but no official motion was made for purchases.

On the recommendation of Fire Chief Tom Nelms, three applicants were accepted as members of the volunteer fire department and emergency squad, pending physical examinations: Holly Turner, Mike Kubic and Joshua Gust.

The fire chief told council that of the last 22 calls for the E-squad, only two have been missed. He noted that since pay-per-run started, turnout is 30 to 40 percent better.

Nelms reported that mandatory testing of the fire trucks has been done as has testing on the department’s air packs. All tested OK.

Councilman Dave Walters reported that talks are continuing with the M&G architectural firm and the Department of Development with regard to a proposed addition onto the municipal building for the police department. He said they are looking at various floor plans.

With regard to the DOD grant to help pay architectural costs, Walters said council should know in December if it is awarded to Powhatan.

Solicitor Charlie Bean was directed to draft an ordinance/contract to hire Mike Wallace as the village’s flood plain administrator. Pay will be $20 per hour plus incidentals.

Bean also will draft a contract between the village and Ohio-West Virginia Excavating to haul storm debris from inside the village to an authorized compost site on German Hill.

No action was taken following council’s executive session called for the purpose of discussing contractual matters and personnel with regard to staffing.

In other matters:

  • Council transferred $1,000 from the general fund to the police pension fund.
  • Council agreed to remove, and not replace at this time, the water fountain in the municipal building. Replacement would cost $502.
  • Clerk-treasurer Lisa Armann-Blue and two office employees were given permission to attend a mandatory training session in Columbus. According to Armann-Blue, the UAN (Uniform Accounting Network) is changing the software for accounting and payroll activities.