Shadyside moms take ban request to council

SHADYSIDE – Two Shadyside mothers approached village council on ways to ban the selling of synthetic marijuana in town.

Mothers Ashley Ostrander and Terri Laquaglia, who both reside on Central Avenue in Shadyside, stood before council Monday night, asking what they can do stop the selling of this substance that is falling into the hands of teenagers and kids.

The mothers claim that those who are buying the synthetic marijuana are rolling or packing the substance in front of their houses and throwing the packages into the street. Ostrander’s 6-year-old daughter picked up one of the discarded packages that was laying outside their home.

“The packages are pretty and colorful and looks like something that candy would come in,” said Ostrander.

“Some of the packages even have Scooby-Doo on them,” said Laquaglia.

Those who buy it are not to prepare or smoke on the stores property. The store where the mothers claim that the participants are purchasing this substance is The Party Center in Shadyside. The store owner claims that they are not selling the synthic marijuana, but rather incense.

Ostrander and Laquaglia are not the only ones who are fighting this invasion. Martins Ferry is in the process of passing an ordinance against the selling of synthetic marijuana and businesses in Barnesville have come together and agreed not to sell it as well.

Currently, the type K2 is illegal, but there is K3, K4 and K5 that can fall into young hands. Customers have to be 18 years old to buy it.

After making several phone calls, Ostrander and Laquaglia decided to their best course of action was to approach council. The two plan to start a petition for adult residents of Shadyside to sign.

“We need to look at this,” said Councilman Bud Melanko. “This needs to start with council.”

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