Stop sign vandalism a problem

SHADYSIDE – The Village of Shadyside is facing a problem with vandalism of its stop signs.

The stop signs are being defaced. Jay Meek, the street department supervisor, brought this problem to council’s attention at the last meeting on Monday, Sept. 10.

The vandals though are taking a different route. The stop signs are being left in place, but they are painting the signs. On several of many side streets in Shadyside, stop signs are being painted with words added to the sign leaving the sign to read stop hate or stop racism. These are just a few examples. According to Meek, none of the defacings have included dirty words.

The street department has tried removers and other methods, but ultimely the signs will have to be replaced. To replace one stop sign will cost anywhere from $35- 42 and 10 – 15 signs have been defaced already.

“That’s a chunk of money, real chunk,” said Meek, at Mondays council meeting. “They are putting stop racism, stop hate, stop this and stop that. It has probably been in the last two weeks … It’s a dog gone shame, but at least they are not writing over top of the stop, they are just writing below.”

Another solution Meek may use is to clean of the signs and put a reflective sticker over top for the winter, instead of buying new signs.

“The stop sign spraying started during the festival,” said Shadyside mayor Bob Newhart.

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