Switzerland BOE facing budget issues

WOODSFIELD – Switzerland of Ohio Board of Education is facing major budget issues as the Ohio Department of Education has asked the board to cut $1 million dollars from its budget.

The board is not allowed any new spending and must make adjustments as well as come up with a plan as to what it currently can cut.

Phase one is to look at the district’s current insurance plan.

“It was not easy to make that decision,” said Larry Elliott, superintendent of Switzerland of Ohio.

Along with the insurance plan, they are currently freezing hiring of any new staff, including teachers. If this does not help with the cuts, the board has come up with a phase two.

Phase two will include the possible cutting of programs.

Some of the programs include elementary physical education, music, high school shop, home economics and the possible elimination of a foreign language class, more than likely French.

Monroe Central High School French teacher Julie Castro passed out a letter to the board, which she read to the public.

In her letter, she pointed out that if the board was to cut the French classes, then the board would need to add help for the Spanish teacher, since there will be at least 70 former French students will have to switch to Spanish.

Castro is eligible to teach English as well.

This brought to light an issue that many parents attended this meeting wanted to board to address the overcrowding in several classrooms in the district.

The parents were very passionate about the classroom sizes said Elliott.

In other news, the board approved the following:

  • Foreign exchange students to attend schools in the district.
  • The River Front Jr. High Cheerleaders.
  • Wastewater treatment plan contract for the Powhatan project.